The week that was in photos -19

forget me not flowers

Hi! It’s all about being outdoors in this ‘The Week that Was in Photos’! Yeah! Weekends. After homework is completed during schooldays. Walks during the days for me. Even some rain didn’t put us off.

And flowers and blossoms finally appearing wherever we look outdoors. Such as forget-me-not flowers appearing in our garden (above).

A crescent moon during the day.

tree buds and half moon

East Hampton beach

Still fairly empty beaches ahead of the summer season in The Hamptons. This is an Atlantic side beach in East Hampton.

deer in trees

A deer galloped down our drive this week and jumped over the fence. Then on Wednesday I caught this one in the woods on our road.

pier Alberts Landing Beach Amagansett

We went beachcombing on a bay beach in Amagansett with its fading reminders of its Great Gatsby style past.

After school on Friday, my kids stopped to admire the tree blossoms and blow dandelions.

Luce and tree blossom

theo blowing dandelion

And then today we went on a nature walk organised by the local nature museum. As well as met some rescued injured birds including this Great Horned Owl.

Great Horned Owl Wildlife Rescue Center Hampton Bays

Hope you’ve also been enjoying the outdoors this week. And the week ahead!

Cheers, Kriss

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  1. Charly Dove says:

    Wow that owl photo is amazing, what a great capture Kriss. I love all the other photos too! Must read your Amagansett post, sounds fascinating. I studied the Great Gatsby at school – only recently had the courage to see the remake!

  2. Look at that owl, it’s just stunning! I popped over and read your post about the beach, it had my imagination running wild – I loved it :)

  3. all stunning but I love the beach ones most

  4. That empty beach is wanting me to pack my bags and set off!

    Owl click is stunning!


  5. Fantastic photos as ever. Your forget-me-not pics are about 100 times better than mine and I absolutely love the owl!

  6. Lovely photos esp. the moon.

  7. Looks like you’ve fully embraced the outdoors this week Kriss! Great photographs, I love the one at the beach…really atmospheric :)

  8. Look at that owl shot! Fab! I love the 1st photo too Kriss. #365

  9. You always take such stunning photos, I especially love the owl, what an awesome capture!

  10. Beautiful, love the crescent moon one, but the two beach shots, in particular the second one, are really special. Good to see some dandelion clock blowing too :)

  11. Such gorgeous photos as always. I love the owl shot, and the deer too, how amazing that it ran down your drive!

  12. Those clouds in your beach shot are just wonderful as is that beautiful owl #365

  13. Wow the owl is impressive. I really like the Amagansett photo, it’s very atmospheric

  14. Simply adore the forget-me-nots, they’re such beautiful flowers. Love the haunch and concentration of the owl, you’d better hope he wasn’t after you!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365, new linky live from 9pm tonight.