The week that was in photos

lucew portrait

Hi! This week’s photos focuses on my children and the outdoors. Unlike UK, the Easter break is short here so it’s still school as usual. But we still try to go for a nature walk once or twice a week.

I adore this shot of Luce (above) in black and white in the secret sandpit.

flowers front step

Although there are some beautiful wild habitats in the Hamptons (such as this nature preserve where we saw Osprey in a nest last weekend), most gardens seem overly manicured. So I was delighted to see flowers and plants blooming randomly by these front steps.

luce theo walking after school

I wondered what Luce and Theo were talking about after I picked them up from school?


I went for a run – well, more of a walk – in the woods on Wednesday morning.

Blue Jay on deck

Our garden and bird feeder are constantly visited by wild birds. The Blue Jay was back to pick up seeds from our deck. I made my first Google Plus Gif this week using a sequence of shots from last week of the Blue Jay at our feeder.

luce laughing

theo drawing ground chalk

On Friday when I arrived to pick up my two from an after school club, neither wanted to leave as they were having so much fun drawing with chalk on the playground. My daughter was giggling with delight and I had to sneak up to my son while he was drawing. I’ve added both shots as the Better Photo Project this week is about photographing happy children.

plant reflection pond waterAnd here’s a plant reflecting in the water of  a pond in another nature reserve near us.

It’s already week 15 for Project 365. Later next week we’re off to Savannah, Georgia to visit my Mum and we’ll be joined by my brother and sister!

Have a lovely week ahead!

Cheers, Kriss

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  1. Charly Dove says:

    Fabulous photos Kriss especially love the first and last ones. Sounds like you’ve had a good week, always looks so beautiful where you are : )

  2. What a great shot of the blue Jay, and I love the woodland photo too. #365

  3. Everything is so nice. My favorite is your run/walk photo. It is so warm and vivid. #betterphotoproject

    • What was so special is I was out there for an hour and a half and never encountered one other person. Although in the summer season there’s probably lots of others wandering in the woods!

  4. Ooo enjoy your time in Savannah ! These really are lovely captures. I too take to the woods on my own at times to walk or run – very soothing stuff.
    Thanks for joining in again x

  5. so many gorgeous photos but I think the last one is my favourite, amazing reflection shot x

  6. Beautiful photos hunnie… Your daughter is sooo cute :)

  7. You have such a wonderful way of capturing your children’s expressions. Please tell me you get some dud shots too?! Loving the one of the bird too :)

  8. All beautiful photos, but I absolutely love the first one in the black and white.

  9. Amazing photos, I really love the first photo

  10. Agree the shot of Luce is wonderful! #365

  11. Beautiful photos, you capture them all so well x #365

  12. wow Kriss that nature reserve looks amazing!

  13. Wonderful photos Kriss, I love the last one and the one in the woods, but the first one is just stunning x

  14. Gosh you have some lovely close ups in here! And your children are just gorgeous!
    Would love you to add this post to my Expressions linky if you’d like to?

  15. I love your photo’s and what beautiful children you have

  16. Great photos, I love the first one of your daughter, I hope you’ve got it up on your wall, it’s stunning.

  17. Beautiful shot x as always x

  18. That photo at the top is amazing! You talented lady 😀

  19. Live the blue jay gif!
    My favourite has to be the black and white portrait! So natural particularly her hair just falling over her face :-(

  20. the b&W photo of your daughter is just stunning and your son has amazing eyes and they are both very photo genic.
    i would like to walk thought those woods they look kind of magical x

  21. The photo with the reflection is stunning, really nice! Ad your little girl is gorgeous, such a natural looking photo.

  22. Your photography is really (really!) inspiring. The first photo of your daughter is quite simply stunning. Mel #MagicMoments

  23. Lovely photos. I wonder what they were talking about?? If I ever asked my 2 boys that question the reply was usually ‘just stuff – nothing you’d understand!’
    The shot of Luce in b&w and the one of Theo are my favourites.

  24. Fantastic photos as always! And you’re so lucky to have those beautiful birds visiting your backyard.

  25. Beautiful, your photos are always such a delight and yes that top photo of Luce is just wonderful Mich x

  26. Such gorgeous photos!

    Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  27. I always love your photos, that first photo is stunning, such a beautiful girl. I also like the last photo but another stunning week of shots

  28. Your photos of your children are fantastic!


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