The week that was in photos. Project 365 # 2

Hi! As it’s only my second week with Project 365, I still haven’t decided what title to use…so today I’m going with ‘The week that was in photos.’  It’s a mishmash diary of my week and daily photos that I’ve taken.
look smile twins

A glance between twins.

the week that was photos jumping joyWarm weather melted the snow but then the temperature dropped. And dropped. Unlike my kids who jumped and jumped higher.

marina sunset

I stopped the car and got out to take photos of a local marina at sunset. But it was too cold to stay and enjoy the view: -11 C as they say over there or 12.2 F over here.

carolina wren winter ny

Oh singing Carolina wren I hope you make it through this cold winter spell. This is the view from my desk.

east hampton beach winter

I went to a beach for a walk. Mid-morning but no one else was there. Serene.

messy crafts table

How does my kids’ craft table always end up looking like this?

squirrel part of the week that was photos

The squirrel was back for his weekly photo-op.

Hope you have a lovely week ahead.



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  1. Charly Dove says:

    Fabulous photos Kriss – I love the marina and that wonderful beach although you’re kids look awesome too. Lovely :)

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love the glance and the marina. I am thoroughly jealous of your walk along that beautiful beach :)

  3. Thanks Sara! The beach was amazing as there was not one person there during my entire walk.

  4. the children jumping in thier pjs is great! such energy! i love the photo taken of the sea and such a good close up of the squirrel. lovely photos x

  5. Some really beautiful shots Kriss, i am so loving your new little furry friend! how cute is he! i am loving the look between twins shot xx

  6. Love the joy in the jump shot

  7. Great shots. There are so many that I love! #Project365

  8. Lovely photo’s for the week hun, loving the squirrel!

  9. A great set of photos!

  10. I wish we had space for a craft table! I am building up a box of stuff that is already full to bursting. Love the picture of them jumping.

  11. I love these photos! The bird and squirrel are great captures!

  12. gosh check out that beach!! what a lovely walk wish i could join you!

  13. the marina and the beach shots are may favourites. i love the layering of the colours in the marina shot, i would have jumped out the car too to take that!

  14. What gorgeous photos with such vibrant colours. I particularly love the shot of the wren, who looks so small but holds such significance in the shot. Look forward to seeing more photos over the coming weeks and months.

  15. Wonderful pics, love the robin and the twin ones!xx

  16. Fabulous photos….you can’t beat a twin pic and as for a walk on an empty beach, is there anything more perfect?

  17. Love that jumping pic! Great capture….Oh would love to be able to go on a walk on the beach when it is quiet!!

  18. Simply stunning pics.
    Love the ‘Glance between twins’ & the wren shot too. We moved into our new house in November and a robin and some blue tits have started popping into the garden, I’m dying to get them on camera, but they don’t hang around long enough for me to get them yet! x