The week that was in photos

Hi! Earlier this week I flew down to Savannah with my kids. But it’s been rather strange looking back at this week’s photos. I kept finding a similar subject or theme but a complete contrast depending if I had shot the image in the Hamptons, New York or Savannah, Georgia.

hamptons path long belt

Last Sunday we were in the woods in the Hamptons in New York State.

forsyth park walkway

Then later this week I was either running alone – such as on Friday here – or walking with my children under grand oaks with branches covered in hanging moss in Savannah.

kids train ride five and dime storeLast Monday I parked in the back of a local “Five and Dime” store to quickly get some paper supplies. I snapped a shot of the “25 cent” kid’s train ride outside the back door.

Luce theo train ride savannahThree days later – on Thursday – I was on a real vintage steam train with Luce and Theo in Savannah.

Railway shed SavannahOne stop was inside the old maintenance shed covered inside in graffiti.

Theo at airport bw

On Tuesday we were waiting for our flight at John F Kennedy airport in New York.

Luce in Savannah

The next day we were enjoying the sunshine outside in Savannah, Georgia.

After the bold wild birds in our garden, I nearly didn’t see this frightened little bird – almost camouflaged on the city pavement.

little bird on pavement

(And in case you’re wondering I waited to make sure it was okay…it eventually flew to a nearby tree)

This weekend my two held a corn snake in Savannah as part of Earth Day celebrations. Rather a contrast to the furry creature they played with before we left (and featuring as my silent Sunday photo).

Luce theo corn snake

And if you’re wondering about Savannah then have a look at my post with fragments of images from the historical district (and make sure you play the music at the same time).

But the best contrast for me in this week’s photos has been capturing flowers blooming everywhere down here in the South of USA… But that’s another post.

Hope you have a lovely week ahead.

Cheers, Kriss

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  1. Kriss some beautiful shots with some stunning effects. I have to say they are both so brave .. i could stand to hold a snake!

    • Snakes freak me out but my kids – especially my son – love them. Both held this corn snake and almost refused to give it back to the specialist!

  2. I would never have been brave enough to hold that snake!!! fab pictures x

  3. Snakes give me the shakes! 😉 they are braver than me! Lovely photo’s as usual Kriss. Savannah looks like a great place to visit x

  4. Looks like a lovely part of the world.Te big oaks are beautiful.

    • The oak trees are stunning and huge! There are garden squares throughout the downtown historicaL district filled with these oaks.

  5. Beautiful photos, and the similarities between them are wonderful

  6. I love the close up of their faces and the one with the corn snake is beautiful.

  7. Such beautiful photos and lovely to see the contrast between the two places.

  8. Sounds like you’ve had a fabulous week Kriss and what stunning photography! I particularly like the leafy wooded walk in the top photograph.

  9. Fab photos. The kiddie ride looks rather neglected. I like the children’s faces on the snake picture.

  10. The bokeh in the photo with your daughter is simply wonderful, such a clear photograph. You’ve certainly travelled around a lot this week, and a vintage steam train is one of the coolest ways to do it!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.