Spring hopes

spring hopesI wish I could say I’d taken this photo today. Alas, it was last spring. Nevertheless, while I cry to the skies, “Spring…where are you?” I’m still looking ahead…

Spring is the time of plans and projects. Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

So I’m wishing, thinking, dreaming about spring and my plans to write about…

Moving back to UK

If all goes smoothly, we’ll be moving back to England this summer. Ah, but there’s a catch-22 of looking for schools while still arranging a future home…

Kids and Hamptons

I’m currently working on a few new fun projects to add to my ongoing posts on outdoors fun with kids in the Hamptons off season. This area of Long Island is known for its glamorous summer season but there are amazing places to visit and things to do with children the rest of the year…

american red robinPhotography

And wherever I go my camera comes with me…

I was inspired by the Leo Tolstoy quote in  The Prompt this week. Despite the ongoing freezing weather, I’m pretending the season is changing, so ‘spring’ is my Word of the Week. Or perhaps I should say ‘spring hopes…’


31 thoughts on “Spring hopes”

  1. Fiona @ Free Range Chick

    Good luck with the move back to the UK. I can’t imagine how challenging it must be to organise everything that a move that big requires. Also, really interested in your Google+ series. I’m fairly new to Google+ and am really interested in using it for it’s full capabilities.

  2. Yes I’m very glad that Spring is on it’s way at last, I know I say this every year but it’s been a long winter.

    Good luck with the move x

  3. The guy on the weather network said the other day, ‘it won’t be winter forever”, I keep repeating that to myself like a mantra! hopefully spring will arrive soon. Good luck with all your plans

  4. You’re managing to be slightly more positive than I am 🙂 I love the sound of all your projects, although I don’t envy you another transatlantic move! Thanks so much for linking with #ThePrompt x

  5. Beautiful photographs! I keep saying that, don’t I? I really do hope you win in the Mad Blog Awards especially for the photography category…. Looking forward to your goolge+ link=up, like I said, I keep meaning to do something with my google+ account, but never get around to doing it. A link-up will definitely give me the push I need! 🙂 Oh and nice to hear that you guys are moving back here! #PoCoLo.

  6. Aaaah…I am in Baltimore and we have had so much snow and it it STILL not spring. It was spring for a few days and now it seems we will be dumped with another ton of snow. I love all your photos! You are very talented. I am arty farty too I mainly make a living painting portraits of furry friends….come say hi! #PoCoLo

    1. It’s still freezing here too but I’m just going to pretend spring is just about ready to spring on us 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comments

  7. Ooh – I am completely perplexed by google + so looking forward to reading all your tips on that!

    Good luck with all your projects, sounds like you will be having a busy spring!

  8. Spring hopes sounds perfect! Be lovely to haev you back on our shores soon then 🙂 I’ve pinned those 2 posts to have a good read of later, and will definitely be back for more – I’ve so much to learn with G+ so you can teach me! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  9. I thought spring was in its way last weekend but we’ve had three days of thick fog to remind us that winter isn’t quite finished! Looking forward to the Google+ linky!

  10. Ooh I’m interested in your Google+ series as I don’t really use it and frankly it baffles me a bit right now. That will be really useful! I’m trying to take my new camera everywhere with me too – I have some way to go before I can just line up fab shots like yours though!! #ThePrompt

  11. Ooh I’m intrigued by your google plus advice and linky, will have to check it out, I am on google plus but have to admit I don’t really know how to make the most of it! I hope all goes well with the move, hopefully it will be worth all of the effort 🙂 xx #theprompt

  12. Hope your signs of Spring arrive soon. Often wonder what it is like to have seasons sneek in without a noticeable change. I do like our distinct seasons. Good luck with all your plans. #ThePrompt

  13. It sounds like you have lots plans going on 🙂 I look forward to seeing your new linky. Also, I’d you are moving back, then good luck with everything and hopefully I’ll get to meet you at some blogger events 🙂 Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  14. Lovely photos! Good luck with your move back to the UK. I will keep an eye on your blog for the google+ growing my circles. I don’t really know enough about it but I am on it. I really should start using it more. Look forward to your linky.

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