Silent Sunday 22

moon and sunset



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  1. Such beautiful colours and the moon is fabulous!

    • I have to thank my daughter for this shot – we were getting in the car and she told me to get a photo of the moon and the sunset together for her.

  2. Such a beautiful shot, the different colours are amazing, and the moon!

  3. Oh, gorgeous sky to wake up to, definitely worth a shot!

  4. There’s a lot going on up there. Lovely colours.

  5. Beautiful

  6. ah the perfect winter sky x

  7. Love this! The branches against the sky and a peek of moon – lovely

  8. Brilliant photo. Love the sky in this.

    Laura x x x

  9. Beautiful photo of the moon x

  10. what a stunning sky xx

  11. Pretty sky with the moon and star too. Lovely!

  12. Stunning photo!!! #silentsunday

  13. Great picture – love how all the activity is going on at the bottom of the picture and the moon just seems to be overlooking the whole thing…

  14. Wow! Stunning picture! Love the moon looking down at it all..

  15. great atmospheric shot Kriss x

  16. What a beautiful capture and the crescent moon looks so clear.

  17. My son LOVES the moon – always says “hello moon!” :)

  18. Love the trees silhouetted against the beautiful sky – and the moon and star add a lovely dimension to the picture xx

  19. What a beautiful sky x

  20. Such tranquiliity!

  21. Always a beautiful combination

  22. That really is a fabulous capture and such a beautiful shot!

  23. I like the way the moon is standing out so much

  24. Beautiful. Looks so peaceful