Botanical Art Photography

by Kriss MacDonald

A moment in nature’s time captured

The momentary beauty of flowers and nature as they appear and fade throughout the year. My botanical art photography and their seasonal tales are created with flora collected in the Algarve, Portugal or previously in England. I create my floral art compositions on canvas or real backdrops at my home. They are always shot in natural light. Each one is a seasonal story. My floral art is inspired by the seasons and my location. They are visual stories celebrating what is growing or fading, whether cultivated or wild or both, and each a celebration of nature.

My latest botanical art and nature photography can be seen on my Instagram gallery.

Gladiolus Garden Floral Photograph
Language Flowers Kriss MacDonald
The Language of Flowers
Enchanted Flowers
Sea Sun Plumbago Rudbeckia
Sea, Sun, White Sand
Hedgerow Flowers
Hedgerow Foraging Begins
rose madness kriss macdonald
Rose Madness

Flowers from my garden

Most of the flowers and fruit in my floral images are wild or grown in my garden.  The flowers and nature finds are always seasonal, locally sourced, foraged responsibly or dried in my studio after they are picked. Often it begins with a seed which I plant and nourish

From the 'Anthologia' November 2023 collection:

Sweet Love in a Mist
Sweet Love in a Mist
Autumn Jazz Floral photography
Autumn Jazz
Spring Alchemy Kriss MacDonald
Spring Alchemy
Late Summer Days Dream
Late Summer Days Dream

Gathered in my garden in England or Portugal:

I dream in Colour
I Dream in Colour
Field Dreams Grasses Flowers Kriss MacDonald
The Field of Dreams
Autumn fruit leaves
Autumn Picnic

Wild Flowers

Live in each season as it passes, breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.

 I study, identify and collect wild flowers from the countryside. I’ve also been taking herbal courses to learn more about their benefits. Wild flowers will never cease to amaze me.

May wildflowers Algarve
One fine Day in May
treasure serras edge flatlay
Treasure of the Serra's Edge

Floral inspiration

spring mandela flowers
Spring mandela
Ripening botanical art display
The ripening
Almond Flowers
Almond Flowers inspired by Van Gogh
February Garden Portrait
Weekend Algarve Garden Flowers
The Weekend
flower tea books
Tea Time Reading

Changing seasons

"Each moment of the year has its own beauty."

Spring Rain Kriss MacDonald
Spring Rain
summer divas flowers
Summer Divas
autumn leaves roses
Autumn Mosaic Algarve Flatlay
Autumn Mosaic
dried flowers year
A Year in Dried Flowers
winter classic flowers botanical art
Winter Classic
Summertime Slow Botanical Art Photo


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