The Photo Diary 9 / 52

Wilting white tulips

How much do you want Spring to arrive? I’m ready for it and have been searching for the first signs of its arrival. Last Sunday I took Luce and Theo and a friend of theirs back again to Wakehurst Place. Theo as usual had to find a stick. It was their second visit during half… Read More

White Deer & Hide and Seek

white fawn left behind

Earlier this week I stopped the car on a dirt track country lane when I spotted a herd of wild deer grazing in a field including a couple of white Fallow deer. The herd moved back towards a fence when they saw me wielding my camera in their direction as I climbed up a bank by a hedgerow… Read More

February – My Nature Notes

Ashdown Forest heather

It’s nearly the end of the month so time for my February nature notes. This month my notes and pictures are from a variety of places nearby where I’ve gone for walks: Wakehurst Place, local private woods, my garden, a friend’s garden and Ashdown Forest. As I mentioned in my January nature notes, we live… Read More

Rock walk

Rock Walk Wakehurst

At first glance you might think this is just some rocks, but if you look closely it’s actually a tree intertwined with the rocks. It’s part of the ‘Rock Walk’ at Wakehurst Place – the country estate of Kew, the Royal Botanical Gardens. For just over a kilometre you can walk past a series of outcrops… Read More

Paper Daffodils

How to make Spring paper Daffodlils

I must share a lovely arts and crafts Spring activity we recently learnt during a visit to Wakehurst Place: how to make paper Daffodils. As part of the half term holidays, Kew’s countryside estate had provided indoors activities for kids to learn about flowers and nature. This included an informal mini botany lesson. Luce and Theo examined… Read More

Snow Play by Flat Coated Retrievers

Flat-coated retrievers in snow

Last weekend Theo excitedly woke us up to tell us it was snowing. While Luce and Theo made snowmen, I went for a walk with two Flat Coated Retrievers. We were taking care of them for close friends who were away for the half term holiday. They’re a Mum and a Daughter….the dogs, not the friends!… Read More

The Photo Diary 8 / 52

Pastel pink rose

I’m going to need a holiday once half term is over – or just some quiet time. Naturally I’ve been rather busy with Luce and Theo. We’ve also been taking care of friend’s pets while they’ve been away for half term so I’ve had to feed a husband, two kids (my Luce and Theo), two large… Read More

Late Winter Spotter sheet – Nature Awakes

Cyclamen on late winter spotter sheets

It might be late winter but it’s still possible to see colour on wintertime walks. I recently visited Wakehurst Place for inspiration on what’s blooming right now. It’s Kew’s country estate in the West Sussex countryside so I knew they would have some beautiful flora to add some colourful oomph to the landscape. And my… Read More

Siblings – Twins 2 / 15

Luce and Theo on sofa

Luce and Theo prefer playing games on their tablets sitting next to each other. Often they pause to check out how the other is doing. Sometimes they’re silent and other times they give running commentaries on their progress. Even though they’re focused on their own game, they’re still together. Sometimes we allow them to connect to each… Read More