Pink and white

White rhododendron flowers in light

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That Spring Feeling – My May Nature Notes

Bee buzzing on flowers

I spent this past weekend at the Spring Fayre at Forest Garden Shovelstrode in Sussex. As children played in the sunshine, wild flowers glowed in the woods, a terrier leapt into the pond, and visitors strolled around the stands or watched wood crafting displays, that spring feeling struck me. Not surprisingly that spring emotion is… Read More

Siblings – Twins 5 / 15

Luce and Theo together

They went on a short walk after school in May.  Theo ran down a lane as fast as he could. Luce belted out a song. With two front teeth missing, Theo wanted to make faces. So Luce decided to distract him. Oh, there’s a tiny spider in your hair, she said. I’ll return it to the bluebells. But it… Read More

Luce the rider

Luce with pony

Since last summer Luce has been taking riding lessons. When I was taking pictures of her last lesson I noticed how much more confident and relaxed she was as a rider. She also wanted a picture of the horse to keep with her first certificate and rosette from the Association of British Riding Schools. My personal favourite… Read More

Who’s chasing who? Buzzard or Crow?

Buzzard and crow

I heard a strange noise up in the sky this week. I was just having a cup of tea on my back deck when I saw two birds swooping above – a buzzard and a crow. I wasn’t sure who was chasing who! A rather odd couple having a squabble but I think the crow was… Read More

Tree hugging an ancient

Luce and Theo hugging ancient oak

I recently asked a group of kids to hug a tree. This group naturally included my twins Luce and Theo. Now, before you start to think that I was doing this to make them feel closer to nature or turn into ‘tree huggers,’ that wasn’t my aim. Sometimes environmentalists are known as tree huggers due to their… Read More

Sheep in the Forest

Sheep in Ashdown Forest

I was tempted to name this photo ‘lost sheep in the forest’ but they weren’t lost. These three were part of a flock allowed to graze in the Ashdown Forest, presumably owned by a Commoner. But, thanks to me, my three – my husband, Luce and Theo – had been lost nearby earlier in the morning. Luce… Read More

The Mystery of Flower Colours

Jade colour plant

Is it made of jade? Look at that colour! my son exclaimed. That’s my favourite colour ever, my daughter added. We were inside The Glasshouse at RHS Wisley filled with exotic plants in its tropical, dry temperate and moist temperate zones. What was remarkable as we walked around – actually my kids ran – was the display… Read More

Kids, Cameras – Action! RHS Wisley Meet Up

Pied Piper Annie at RHS Wisley

Statue at RHS Wisley If your impression is that blogging must be a lonely pursuit then I’m going to stop you in your tracks by illustrating a bloggers meet up  in April at RHS Wisley. RHS Wisley in Surrey south of London, by the way, is one of four gardens run by the Royal Horticultural… Read More