Enjoying the fruits and flowers of August

Lavender drying

I wish I had more spare time. August is full of so many rewards in nature’s gardens. I’ve been foraging, collecting, drying, making and simply admiring flowers and fruit growing in our garden and nearby. But Luce and Theo are still home on holiday and my wonderful mother is visiting so there never seems to be… Read More

The Rainbird

Juvenile green woodpecker next to fence

A couple of days ago I looked out of my kitchen window and saw the rain bird. Since then we’ve had two days of rainstorms. The green woodpecker with its bright plumage strolled on our lawn occasionally pausing to stare at bunches of blackberries hanging over the fence. It was in no hurry as if… Read More

Blackberries galore – in our garden!

Ripening blackberries

In past late summers a simple pleasure would be those walks in search of blackberries growing in hedges, woodland and grassland. “Nobody in the lane, and nothing, nothing but blackberries, Blackberries on either side, though on the right mainly, A blackberry alley, going down in hooks, and a sea Somewhere at the end of it,… Read More

Swallow feeding

Swallow feeding fledgling

  Every day I wake up to the sound of swallows twittering away outside my window – all perched on a line. (I often have pictures of them on Instagram!) This weekend I watched as mama swallow – I presume it was the mother – took turns feeding her fledglings on a wire just outside our kitchen window. I soon… Read More

August flowers and wildlife – my nature notes (part 1)

Crocosmia and raindrops

I can’t quite believe it’s approaching mid-August and I’m hearing and reading the term late summer. And, of course, here in England one day it’s raining and the next sunshine or a mixture of both.  Apparently George II in the 1730s described the British summer as “three fine days and a thunderstorm.” The same cliche can… Read More

Watermelon with lime ice lollies

watermelon with lime ice lollies and fruit

Summertime always means we have watermelon to eat at home. I hate wasting any of this sweet summer fruit so have been making my kids watermelon with lime ice lollies. Since watermelon needs to be stored in a cool place it’s also a great way to use up half of the fruit if you’re low on fridge… Read More

Rescued sparrow

rescued sparrow held in hands

A small sparrow appeared flapping inside our stove fireplace this week after falling down the chimney – no fire of course! Luckily my lovely gardener helped me capture it after it flew around the room. A moment later the rescued sparrow was flying away happily into the sky with no injuries. You might also enjoy…… Read More

Summertime slow

Summertime Flowers and sunglasses on deck table

I’ve been rather silent recently here. I haven’t gone away, it’s just summertime. Time to focus on family, friends, overdue projects and, of course, my beautiful twins. Sometimes it’s also good to slow down in order to generate new ideas and plan ahead. And just enjoy the season and aim for slow living. I don’t mean being lazy…. Read More

A deer family after dusk

deer family in field

After kissing my son goodnight earlier this week I looked out of his bedroom window and saw this deer family in the field behind us. The stag, fawn and hind were nibbling at some hay left there by the nearby farm. You might also enjoy… White Deer & Hide and Seek Mama Roe Deer Wild… Read More