A deer family after dusk

deer family in field

After kissing my son goodnight earlier this week I looked out of his bedroom window and saw this deer family in the field behind us. The stag, fawn and hind were nibbling at some hay left there by the nearby farm. You might also enjoy… White Deer & Hide and Seek Mama Roe Deer Wild… Read More

Flowers and cakes for afternoon tea at Gravetye Manor

Luce with umbrella in Gravety Garden

  To mark the start of the summer holidays, as a special treat I took Luce and Theo, my twins, for afternoon tea at Gravetye Manor. We were hoping for cakes and finger sandwiches in the garden, but it rained. Instead our reserved table was waiting for us in a beautiful wood panelled drawing room… Read More

The working horse

Shire horse at Wakehurst Place

In the late 19th century there were around 3.5 to 4.5 million working horses in Britain. In farm fields, forests, cities and even along canals, these large majestic animals toiled, transported and helped us.  And now?  Now many of the breeds of working horses are considered ‘at risk’ by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. The… Read More

After the riding lesson

After the riding lesson

  Last summer my daughter had her first riding lesson. She was excited but nervous around horses. Now I watch her calmly and confidently lead the horse out of the ring after her lesson. You might also enjoy… The Riding Lesson Black and White Horses The White Horse Eyes wide shut

Nature is a theatre

Roses and brambles in garden

On a recent run  – when I kept stopping to take photos – I caught sight of some wild flowers illuminated by a beam of light through the trees. They reminded me of actors lit up on a stage.  Despite the gloomier weather this summer week of July, I also noticed that the beauty of flowers… Read More

Siblings – Twins 7 / 15

Luce and theo playing on stairs of platform

Luce and Theo are often as thick as thieves. After all they have that special twin bond. Like good friends or close couples who mirror each other, I notice how the same happens with my two. Luce and Theo unconsciously become each other’s echoes. On an outing last weekend to ride a steam engine on the… Read More

Wild flowers on path into woods – Summer

Sunrays on meadowsweet

I’ve started to go on early morning runs now that it’s summer. Except I always bring my camera with me which gives me the excuse to stop –  a lot  – and take photos. One of my favourite parts is a path into woods which is lined with wild flowers. Brambles are flowering next to… Read More

The free bird

House sparrow on fence

Every day I watch the birds rest, feed, hunt and soar in the sky and in the valley around our garden. There are quiet pauses when they sit on a fence, a branch, an electric wire or a barn roof nearby. Fledglings seeking their parents and each other. As the day approaches dusk their songs… Read More

An English trifle for July 4th Party

English trifle with US fruit flag

We had a wonderful barbecue party in our garden to celebrate US July 4th. A friend brought over a perfect dessert to celebrate here in the middle of the English countryside – an English trifle with a US fruit flag.  The first reference to a trifle appeared in the 16th century, way before the US Declaration of… Read More