Let me introduce you to Gravetye Manor gardens

William Robinson kitchen garden 1898

I’ve been rather quiet on my blog recently as I went through a hellish period called moving house. But a huge upside is that I’m now basically living in the middle of a nature reserve in the West Sussex countryside. I’m also close to the gardens of Gravetye Manor which I finally had a chance… Read More

Siblings – Twins 4 /15

Luce and Theo on skateboard ramp

Do you remember having boundless energy? Running, swinging, leaping and climbing non-stop? Luce and Theo began the day early with tennis club before school. They told me they had P.E. outdoors at school but as soon as they hit the playground it was like watching fireworks explode. What is it about kids and a playground? I’m not a… Read More

Goodbye Fred the Pheasant

Goodbye Fred the Pheasant

We moved house this week. Not far. In fact just outside the next village. There are lots of pheasants roaming near our new home but they’re not Fred. A wild pheasant we nicknamed Fred showed up in January when we rebuilt a bird feeder platform. Without fail he made an appearance every morning to nibble on… Read More

The Photo Diary 13 / 52

Free range chickens

I’m in midst of preparing to move house this week so getting rather frantic and will keep this photo diary rather brief. As you can see this week’s diary is all about country and village life. We took care of our neighbour’s dogs again this past week which meant daily walks with them in the… Read More

Budding, Blooming, Dying – My Sunday Photo

Budding, blooming and dying Camellias

I love how Camellias add a splash of colour to the late winter and early spring garden landscape. Now they’re full of budding, blooming and dying flowers as they mark the change of the season. A huge thank you if you would consider nominating me in the #Bibs2015 Photo category. The nomination form is available here…. Read More

Adventurous Journeys at Wakehurst Place

Kids on Wakehurst Place trail

The plan was for me to take Luce, Theo and a friend on an educational tree walk around Wakehurst Place but they ended up having an adventurous journey instead. Near the start of the year iBeacons had been installed across the 500 estate as a pilot program at Kew’s two sites, Wakehurst in West Sussex and Kew… Read More

March – My Nature Notes

Rain drops on Iris

I was in a bit of a quandary on what to do for my March nature notes until I stopped to take pictures of a blossoming tree in the historic hilltop village of West Hoathly in the Sussex countryside. I then remembered that The Priest House had opened this month again after the winter.  I had… Read More

What is it about baby lambs?

Three little baby lambs

There are quite a few farms on the country road where we live in West Sussex. For the last few weeks Luce and Theo have been peering out of the car window whenever we’ve passed a field with sheep in the hope of seeing baby lambs. Well, spring has arrived! This weekend they spotted their… Read More

Good day he crows

Cockerel Rooster crows

  This is the cock – rooster – at the stables where my daughter rides. He’s rather noisy at times. This week he stood on a fence post in front of a door crowing while he basked in the sunlight. A huge thank you if you would consider nominating me in the #Bibs2015 Photo category. The nomination… Read More