January – My Nature Notes

Moss and tunnel at base of tree

I went for a walk this January morning in the English countryside. I wanted to take notes with my camera on what defined this month in nature’s gardens? Pause for explanation: I’m having a blast trying to read and learn about nature. Nothing like shaking out the cobwebs and clearing up any self-angst by going… Read More

Wildlife and a snowman in the woods

startled deer in woods

There’s something magical about exploring the woods with children after a snowfall. What if I suggested looking for wildlife and building a snowman in the woods at the same time? And if you’re wondering about this combination, I’ll explain what inspired this idea for an adventure. First of all you need woods covered in snow. Next… Read More

10 most popular girls names in USA and UK (January 2015)

Top 10 girls names in USA England Wales Scotland NIreland

It’s my annual update comparing the top 10 baby names for girls in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and USA. As of January 2015, these are the latest most popular names available from official records of registered births.  The top 10 favourite names were all for 2013 apart from Scotland which has already released provisional… Read More

10 most popular baby boys names in USA and UK (January 2015)

top 10 baby boys names in England, Wales, USA, Scotland, NIreland

This is my annual list of the top 10 baby boys names in the UK and USA.  The boys names in each list are from the latest official data available (as of January 2015). Want some ideas for a baby boy name? My lists compare the most popular names for boys in England, Wales, Scotland,… Read More

The Photo Diary 4 / 52

yellow jasmine after frost

So many things planned for this week were put on the backburner as I continue to work on behind the scene stuff after changing the name of this site from Over there to Here to Wild About Here.  I’ve been teaching myself some more CSS to implement some changes in the look, update old posts,… Read More

Cock a doodle doo! My Sunday Photo

cock a doodle doo bw

Cock a doodle doo crowed the cock (if you’re British and Irish) or the rooster (if you’re North American and Australian). You might also enjoy… My Sunday Photo – eavesdropping A winter pony – my Sunday photo. Arriving soon – My Sunday Photo The hungry fox – my Sunday photo

Pheasant-ly surprised!

Non native Reeves's Pheasant

For the last few months my kids and I’ve been chasing pheasants along hedgerows and near the edges of fields and woodlands around us. Every day we’ve heard the distinct cry of a pheasant somewhere hidden in the undergrowth. Up and down the edge of a field on many a wildlife spotter adventure we’ve tried… Read More

The Language of Flowers – Winter

Rose The Language of Flowers

I recently borrowed a vintage book from a friend called The Language of Flowers.  It’s a published facsimile version of a handwritten book with over 700 entries of flowers and plants and their meanings. I’ve been wandering around taking photos of nature’s gardens in the winter, searching for any blooms, and will include some of… Read More

A First Book of Nature

A First Book of Nature by Nicola Davies

My daughter discovered a very special book on nature for children. She was drawn to the cover and then slowly looked through the pages before telling me she really wanted A First Book of Nature by Nicola Davies. I had just told her to pick any book when we visited Wakehurst Place managed by Kew… Read More