Autumn flowers – October Begins

I had a bit of a heart attack when I sat down to write this post as I hadn’t realised it’s already October 1st! What really surprised me was the amount of colour still in my garden. The Autumn flowers are not retreating yet. Some of our roses have also been flowering. And best of all we’ve… Read More

Tree Climbing

When Luce and Theo go for a walk in the woods or a park, they’re constantly searching for a tree to climb. Branches are just rungs on a ladder as far as they’re concerned. But I always see that longing in their eyes to go higher and higher. They want to be up in the canopy… Read More

Scavenger Walk in the Woods – Autumn / Fall

The house was full of kids playing but I wanted to get them outside and into the woods for a walk. What do you do? I put together an Autumn / Fall Scavenger Hunt Sheet for them. It’s the best way to get them exploring the woods while actually noticing nature. We’re lucky as we live… Read More

Mushroom Foray and Forage

When a friend invited me on a walk with a mushroom foraging expert, I eagerly tagged along. In the autumn she likes to search for edible mushrooms on her land to make culinary delights in the kitchen. She wisely prefers to have a knowledgeable guide with her to make sure she doesn’t accidentally pick any poisonous fungi…. Read More

This version of Beauty and the Beast…

Like my daughter, I was mesmerized by the paintings and retelling of the classic love story Beauty and the Beast by Max Eilenberg and illustrated by Angela Barrett. This version of the fairy tale enthralled my daughter. The story is closer to the original – La Belle et la Bete – written by the French author Jeanne-Marie… Read More

Hedgerow foraging – September

I don’t have to go far to forage. In fact I can do it in my garden and in the next door field and meadow by just following our hedgerow and ones nearby. The rainbow over our valley and hedgerows this week didn’t lead me to a pot of gold but a treasure of berries, fruit and… Read More

RSPB Dungeness with kids

No matter what season you can expect quite a bird experience at the RSPB Dungeness nature reserve in Kent, south east England. The nearly 1000 hectares of nature reserve with lakes and marshes is part of the otherworldly shingle landscape of Dungeness on the edge of the English channel. It’s a place where you can… Read More

Camber Sands – one of the best UK beaches

After living two years in the Hamptons in the US, one thing we’ve desperately missed since we returned to the UK is wide open beaches with golden sands. We were pretty spoilt as the Atlantic beaches in Long Island are considered some of the top in the world. Well we found a perfect English beach… Read More

September – Bringing the outdoors inside

I’ve noticed the passing seasons by what I gather and cut outdoors to bring inside. It’s only early September but I can see, smell, hear, feel and taste the change. Despite a lingering sadness in me that I have to say goodbye to summer and the swallows who sang to me every morning outside my… Read More