Wild Kids

‘WILD KIDS’ is about ideas and adventures to encourage children to learn about nature and be outdoors. As ‘young naturalists’ they can discover the natural word and the importance of plants, wildlife and the wonders of nature especially in a world where youth are growing aware of the effects of climate change. As ‘wildlife detectives’ kids will enrich their observational skills. Whether being involved in birdwatching or following animal tracks, kids learn about wildlife in their natural habitats. From enjoying wild-time, wood scavenger hunts, playing in the snow or beachcombing, discover nature activities, crafts and ‘outdoor adventures.’

My goal is to encourage kids to have fun in the great outdoors whatever the season. And nature can have a huge positive impact on the health and well-being of children in our modern technical world even if it’s ‘just a walk’, finding out ’10 fun facts’ about different wild flowers or building their own amazing den.

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