Blooming and fallen

Fuschia bush

Outside our kitchen door is a scene of Autumn contrasts – blooming and fallen flowers.  We have a Fuschia ‘Genii’ shrub which is covered with vibrant cerise and purple flowers. It has been flourishing and growing ever since the summer.

Fuschia dew drops

Fuschia blooming fallen

But some of the flowers have fallen. I haven’t cleared them up as they have formed a carpet of colour around the shrub.

fallen fuschia flowers

Our other Autumn survivor is a flowerpot of Ornamental Sage. It’s known as ‘Hot Lips’ due to the two tone white and red lipstick blooms.

flower pot ornamental sage

I was reminded of leaping dolphins when I took a close up of its flowers.

Ornamental Sage flowers

Fallen Ornamental Sage flowers

But Autumn is having an effect.  The flowers are beginning to wilt and ‘Hot Lips’ lie on the patio beneath the flower pot.

I wonder how long before there will only be fallen flowers outside my cottage back door?

8 thoughts on “Blooming and fallen”

  1. Dolphins – that’s it! I’ve seen some Hot Lips in grandads garden and thought they reminded me of something – that’s what it is – dolphins!
    Whilst there’s colour to found it is starting to seem like it’s more on the floor now. Time to bring out the winter woolies!
    Thanks for joining in again Kriss, hope all is ok your end?

  2. Fuschias are fab plants, dancing away like pretty ballerinas – yours looks fab still – I’m always amazed at how much weather those hardy bushes can take…

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