Silent Sunday 23

ballet class silent sunday



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  1. Love the look of concentration here. Lovely snap x

  2. Such concentration!

  3. Concentrating on her class? Lovely photo x

  4. lovely photo xx

  5. Such a lovely composition, and a great natural shot! :)

  6. ah, what a great pic. i think some of the best ones of kids are when you catch them unaware…

  7. Lovely candid shot, she looks in intense concentration.

    MamaUndone | Tiaras & Prozac

  8. Oh, that’s a lovely capture, she is concentrating so hard on her class. Love how she’s framed by the other dancers.

  9. Love the look of concentration on her face. Brilliant photo x x x

  10. Such a pretty child.

  11. Lovely photo x

  12. Such a pensive look

  13. Fantastic photo she looks so focused

  14. I love that she is completely unaware that you are taking this photo as she is so engrossed in her class. And I also love the perspective from the reflection.

  15. A lovely unguarded capture.

  16. What a lovely clear photo, even though you were probably hiding hehe!!! and such a pretty girl, Love girls doing ballet…. my daughter has just given up in favour of gymnastics which i’m upset about but we can’t force them can we?! x

  17. Love this shot Kriss, it is so clever with the reflection and the other dancers and her expression, awesome :-)