An English trifle for July 4th Party

English trifle with US fruit flag

We had a wonderful barbecue party in our garden to celebrate US July 4th. A friend brought over a perfect dessert to celebrate here in the middle of the English countryside – an English trifle with a US fruit flag.  The first reference to a trifle appeared in the 16th century, way before the US Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. I fixed up the garden with a red, white and blue theme,  and we also had jalapeno cornbread, burgers, and grilled chicken. Luckily the sun performed brilliantly for our party so the kids had water pistol battles and went up and down a water slide.

11 thoughts on “An English trifle for July 4th Party”

  1. Happy to hear that you were still celebrating 4th July over in the UK. My daughter enjoyed her first ever Independence Day over in Oregon with a party at the beach.
    The trifle looks amazing btw.

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