August flowers and wildlife – my nature notes (part 1)

I can’t quite believe it’s approaching mid-August and I’m hearing and reading the term late summer. And, of course, here in England one day it’s raining and the next sunshine or a mixture of both.  Apparently George II in the 1730s described the British summer as “three fine days and a thunderstorm.” The same cliche can be used nearly three centuries later!

On my usual wanders with camera I’ve been capturing August flowers and wildlife in my garden, in the meadows and fields  and in gorgeous gardens nearby in Sussex – such as Gravetye Manor or Sheffield Park. After waiting so long for hydrangea to bloom, I’ve noticed they’re beginning to fade.

Close up white hydrangeaBlue and pink hydrangea

I love gardens with Buddleia – otherwise known as the butterfly bush.  Butterflies are now in their adult stage and enjoying the days of August sunshine.BuddleiaButterfly and buddleja

On walks in the woods I keep spotting damselflies and dragonflies. According to my brilliant Small Woodlands Creature book a way to tell the difference is that “damselflies have a very slender abdomen and hold their two pairs of wings together over the abdomen when at rest” whereas “the forewings and hind wings of dragonflies are clearly separated, and held at right angles to the body when at rest.” So I’m concluding that this one was a dragonfly! Dragonfly on leaf branch

I must start cutting and collecting some of my lavendar before it’s too late. Lavendar bush with bee

I’ll be sad when all the swallows leave in the Autumn as I’ve become used to waking up to the sound of their chorus outside our window. Today they were quiet while they sat through a thunderstorm. Swallows in thunderstorm

Also saw this little bird crying amongst the flowers this week. Baby bird in flowers

In the fields, meadows and farmyard surrounding us the wildflowers are still flourishing – although the thistles now are covered in seed clouds.Thistles covered in white seedsWild flowers in fieldWild flowers and grass

We saw some sunflowers this week at Sheffield Park Gardens but the sun itself has stayed hidden most of this week.Luce next to sunflowers

Oh, I want to hold onto the colours of late summer flowers and not let them fade! Here’s an array of August blooms including Agapanthus, Dahlias, Helenium and Crocosmia.Agapanthus flowersPink flower with raindropsAbove view flowersPurple and orange flowers in flowerbedOrange Dahlia flowersRed dahlias and raindropsHelenium mixed in flower bedCrocosmia and raindrops

Even if it doesn’t stop raining I also must start picking the blackberries in our garden and wild raspberries near the lake in the woods. But I’ll save that for another post with more August nature notes.. ..

18 thoughts on “August flowers and wildlife – my nature notes (part 1)”

  1. Oh my goodness, that is the most perfect dragonfly, such a wonderful shot.
    Summer is such a funny one this year, the past few days have been full of flooding, blue skies and thunder storms, but at least the gardens are still colourful!
    You’ve really captured Summer at it’s best.

  2. I noticed the swifts starting to collect on the wires last night. I guess it won’t be long till they’re gone. Sigh. Plenty of flowers to enjoy still. Love the definition of a British summer. Horribly true. #hdygg

  3. Great pictures – loving all the insects. On the weather let’s hope the nice weather returns for a little bit more, I’m not ready to give up on summer just yet 🙂 #hdygg

  4. Oh my Kriss I am loving these photos to bits – that dragonfly, the swallow in the rain – WOW! And hydrangeas are always a good thing. So very beautiful – you my lady are amazing at that photo taking lark.

    So sorry that we missed you earlier this week, I need to email and sort something out properly. Life has been too fast this week – I’ll be glad to go away next week.

    A holiday to get over a holiday is totally acceptable yes? In the meantime blackberry picking takes presidence!

    Lovely to have you join in again and share these stunning photos x

  5. Beautiful pictures with a definite air of late summer. I too love the dahlias with dark leaves as they show off the flower so well. And blackberries – you have reminded me that I saw some good ones to pick on my dog walk 2 days ago and I must go back and get them. I can hear Saari’s groaning at the mere thought of it though – she cannot understand why I spend so long picking them in the middle of her walk although she does enjoy picking the lower ones to eat herself! #HDYGG

  6. Yes,the weather has certainly been mixed this week. Infuriating for anyone who wants to make the most of the summer and spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors. I’m amazed that you managed to take so many brilliant photos. I love the pic of Luce surrounded by sunflowers x

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