Capturing the outdoors

Kids Photography outdoorsInstead of collecting shells, my kids took photos when we went to an Atlantic Ocean beach in Southampton Village.

beach scene by theo

Luce and Mum (me) on beach – photo by Theo

My kids love taking photographs. As they’re young, I decided the best way to introduce children to photography is simply to let them have fun. No photography lessons at this early stage. No rule of thirds. No concepts. Ever since we bought them android tablets, they’ve been using the built-in cameras to click and snap away. Photos of their toys. Pulling faces for selfies. The flames of the log fire with special effects. Not once have I tried to teach my kids how to take photos.

Now I have two children who are keen on capturing the outdoors with a camera.Capturing Outdoors Kids and ruins

The first time they asked to bring their cameras (tablets) was a walk in the woods during a holiday break. Most of the time I kept their tablets in my bag as I didn’t want them to drop them in the deep snow. I emphasised to them that if they wanted to take photos they had to be careful of their ruins theo

Photo by LuceHouse ruins by Luce

Photo by Theo

But when we came across an abandoned, ruined house in the midst of the woods in Barcelona Neck Preserve in the Hamptons, they immediately saw a photo opportunity.

Southampton beach Luce Theo with cameraThen we went to Southampton beach. A cold, late afternoon. A beach still sprinkled with snow and lined with mansions empty in the winter.

Southampton beach kids capturing outdoors Southampton beach kids android cameras

But they were excited about taking photos of the sand and the waves.

beach waves luce

beach photo luce

Waves – both photos by Luce

Even though they are kids, they’re learning the joys of photography.

Southampton beach Theo capturing outdoorsBut, after I took a closer shot of a wave and they wanted to copy me, I realised I had to warn them to move back from the shoreline. I needed to teach them not to take any risks as kid photographers when they were looking through the lens!

Southampton beach wave

I then took them to the inland Shinnecock Bay nearby to take a few more photos.

Southampton beach inland sunset

Westward view by Mum (me)

Lake Agawam by Luce

Westward view – photo by Luce

lake agawam by theo

Eastward view – photo by Theo

But kids are still kids. And their android tablets have games on them too.  When we headed back to the beach as I wanted to get some more shots of the enormous houses, they had had enough. They wanted me to start driving back home so they could play some games on their tablets instead.

Southampton beach mansions and snow

Photo time was over. When I started raving on about the amazing sunset forming in the sky, they briefly paused to take one photo and then immediately refocused on their games.sunset by luce

Sunset photo by Lucesunset by theo

Sunset photo by Theo

I don’t even think they noticed me stopping the car twice to get out and take photos of the sky. Or shouting at them to look at the geese flying across the sunset. They just nodded their heads without looking up from their screens.

sunset with geese

sunset barn reflectionBut that’s okay. They had had their fun. At a later stage, I’ll start teaching my kids some basic photography tips and skills. Now they’re just having a great time clicking away at everything around them. Inside and outdoors. They’re learning to look at the world around them with a new perspective while being creative. Or just having a laugh making silly faces. They’ve discovered a new way to enjoy a walk outdoors even when the weather is freezing. It’s a perfect way of introducing kids to photography..

The photography with my kids in this post all took place in the Hamptons, NY. The beaches, bays and nature preserves are stunning locations to capture with a camera – even when it snows.

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  1. Amazing photo’s, all of them. My favourites are the one where your kids are pointing their tablets and shooting lol!! Love the big eave and the sunset! So many fab pics. I would love some photography lessons please too when you get a minute 😉 x

  2. I think it is great to get children interested in photography at an early age. It looks like they are doing a great job – there are some great photos!

  3. These photos are fab and I particularly love the yellow anorak which looks like it is much needed. We ran to the sea today but I have to admit that we it was factor 30 weather.

  4. The beaches near you are just fabulous. We must check out the beaches around us more, we tend to stick to the inland lake beach that we love. Lovely photos as always, all of you! That is a beautiful sunset, stunning pink sky.

    1. Thanks Izzie – I was really proud of their photos. (Of course haven’t posted any of the candid shots they’ve taken of me)

  5. Oh wow Kriss what amazing photographs – by all three of you! Just fabulous, I love them all. How amazing to see that derelict house too, what a great opportunity!

  6. Lovely photos as usual! 🙂 And I love that your introducing your kids to photography as early as now. Little T actually has her own camera, her grandparents gave it to her last year on her birthday since they noticed she keeps on taking photos using my phone. But I keep forgetting to take it with us when we go out for walks. Thanks for reminding me! 🙂 #CountryKids.

  7. What fantastic photos, it looks you have a couple of buddy photographers! Who can resist snapping at such a wonderful location. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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