The chicken friend?

Theo and chicken friend

Theo now looks forward to his sister’s riding lessons. Why? He gets to spend time with his chicken friend at the stables. There are lots of chickens running around but this particular one is Theo’s friend. She actually stays still and lets Theo stroke her back. Every week. Or lets him carry her. And every time I pop into the stables to check on Theo, ‘his’ chicken is by his side.

theo chicken in shadows

I’m including another photo from this week of the two of them hanging out together on top of a haystack. He might have been born in London but he’s turning into a country boy!

Theo on haystack with chicken friend

Needless to say Theo wants to keep his chicken friend as a pet but I’ve explained she can’t come home with us. But perhaps some day soon we will get some chickens…

Update: Sadly this chicken – who we nicknamed ‘Tea’ – was eaten by a fox a few months later! Ever since Theo has been trying to find another chicken friend but none have been been like Tea.



23 thoughts on “The chicken friend?”

  1. That is so fab that he is able to discover a thing for himself at the same time .. i have to say i always wanted to keep chickens!

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments – Sorry for the very long delay in getting to you x

    1. Thanks Iona. The reason I love this photo is the expression on his face. I have other better photos but this one to me captures his bond with his chicken friend.

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