Display kids art like a masterpiece in your home

Display children's art like a masterpieceWhat I miss most from my last London home is how I could display my kids’ art like a masterpiece in the family room.  As it’s the end of the school year and they’ve brought home lots of artwork from their classes, I’ve been thinking how I want a large frame again in our next home.

We had a huge bulletin board framed with moldings on which we stuck their paintings. The moldings were painted the same color as the one around the doorway arch and also matched the ceiling edge. As our home was Edwardian (the 1901 to 1910 period covering the reign of King Edward VII), the room had over 10 foot high ceilings.

display kids art like a masterpieceOn purpose I use to only pin their most brightly colored paintings. The overall effect when it was completed was of a modern masterpiece. Well, in my eyes it was. Actually, everyone who visited – who had kids – also wanted to build one in their homes.  I think it’s the best way to display kids art in the home.

It’s also the easiest way to  hang lots of your kid’s art. You can change or move the art work whenever you want if, like me, you just use tacks.

molding and frame to display kids artBasically it was composed of cork board sheets and framed with ceiling molding. You could also use picture framing.  We painted ours the same color as the molding in the room.  But you could paint it any color you want.

As I had this wonderful board for displaying and hanging my children’s art, I no longer used the fridge door as an art gallery.

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