Fading in winter?

I’ve been watching so many of the flowers in our garden or nearby fading away the past few weeks. A pink rose still bloomed less than 3 weeks ago. Then its petals began to wilt a week or so ago. And after the recent frost I noticed today that the last of it was decomposing away. pink roserose flowers behind windowdead rose

A shrub was covered in small red leaves last week. Today only a few remained. small red leaves shrubfew red leaves shrub
I pass hydrangea flowers slowly becoming paler and browner as the winter days grow cooler.fading hydrangea flowers

Hydrangea flower heads today

But as I returned home this morning I noticed that there were still Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ blooming in the pot next to my kitchen door – and, yes, they still remind me of dancing dolphins close-up. I guess they’ve refused to fade despite the winter frost and chills.Salvia hot lips in winter

12 thoughts on “Fading in winter?”

  1. I love the salvia, I never thought of dolphins before but I will from now on! I saw a clip on TV this week (no idea what show I’m afraid) where a lady had decorated her Christmas tree with garden produce, including small ornamental cabbages in greens and purples – it sounds really odd but it looked amazing!

  2. I love how things are decomposing but still looking lovely, crispy hydrangeas are a fave of mine. That second photo where the rose outside in front and the vase of coloured blooms indoors in the background is smashing and sums up things at the moment, the colour has moved indoors these past couple of weeks.

    I’ll be treating myself to some flowers this weekend now! Thanks for joining in and sharing xx

  3. I think the loss of colour at this time of year makes me enjoy the first bloom all the more when they appear. Having said that, I enjoy looking at the structure of shrubs and trees right now-natures beauty in a different way.

  4. Gorgeous post and I love all the colours of the fading plants, so pretty. I really like ornamental cabbages like the one you’ve photographed but I can never seem to find them for sale anywhere. Perhaps I should grow some for cutting…

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