First haircut – top children’s hair salons in London

Tearful first haircut londonMy twins first birthday was fast approaching when I had a dilemma – should I take them to a children’s hair salon in London for their first haircut or not? Let me explain. I had thought about trimming their hair myself. One look at Mum with a pair of scissors and the house was filled with screams. Would there be the same reaction if I took them to a kids hair salon?

**For a list of London children’s hair salons see below in post**

Dilemma resolved when my hairstylist, who used to come to our house, volunteered to cut their hair. We decided to shape up my son’s first as we thought he’d be calmer than my daughter. Nope. Theo’s smiles quickly evaporated into tears.

first baby haircut londonLuce was nervous but much more stoic than her brother.

When we moved to another part of London, I had to find a new solution. I took them to a local hairdresser and promised treats after their haircut. My daughter saw the chair, the modern surroundings, the chic stylist with scissors and went into complete meltdown. I tried to cajole her but it resulted in her thumping the ground and yowling. Theo took one look at the toy-less scene and headed for the door.

Then a friend suggested I take them to Tantrum, a children’s hair salon on King’s Road in Chelsea, London.  

Tantrum children hair salon London

Inside top London childrens hair salonBig smiles from both of them as soon as we walked in the London children salon.

The chairs were like seats on a fairground – a plane, a train, a police car, a racing car – and there was a small model train that whizzed around on a wall track. Not a peep from Luce or Theo during the haircut. Of course not, they were too focused on watching Peppa the Pig videos on the monitors in front of them. Afterwards, when they were told to choose a treasure from an enormous chest of candy (sweets), they both informed me they’d be happy to come back the next day.

Big smile from me as I’d found a childrens salon that knew how to handle kids (better than me when it comes to hair!)

I was nervous the first time I took them to another child-only hair salon in London expecting tantrums because they weren’t at their usual place. I needed to save time so I took them to Trotters. While one of them had their hair cut, I made the other try on shoes. Yippee it worked. Admittedly I gave in and bought them each a small toy at the counter as they had missed out on the treasure chest.

Top Children Hair Salons in London:

Tantrum  There’s also a downstairs hair salon for children over 7.

Trotters  Six stores located around London which also sell children’s shoes, clothes, toys and other accessories.

Happy Faces  Children salons in Fulham and Clapham

Igloo  The two childrens stores in North London – Islington and St John’s Wood – also have hairdressing facilities for kids.

Mini Kin  One of the first salons to specialize in cutting kids and babies hair in London. The Crouch End shop also sells children’s clothes, gifts and nursery equipment.

Most of these are also open on Sundays which usually means less hassle with parking.

What I especially like about children-only salons is that I don’t have to worry. They’re used to tantrums, moods, tears and endless fidgeting while specializing in kids hairstyles.

Let me know if there are any other childrens hair salons in London you personally recommend – or elsewhere in the UK.

What did you do for your child’s first haircut?

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  1. This is a really good list. I have friends in London, and it was only a few days ago jane was talking about her experience of taking her little daughter first time for a haircut. I think I am forwarding your list to her.

  2. You have an amazing site for all new parents in London! The tiny tots need special care from a very special hairdresser. Thank you for the information. I would be referring your site to friends in London.

  3. I could always remember our baby’s 1st haircut – all of us were being as well worried to try and do it in the home and also all of us needed him or her to a frequent salon, in which this individual screamed and also screamed! Afterwards, all of us experimented with a new children’s salon however that didn’t operate often. So right now, all of us only allow it to needlessly expand until eventually it’s getting in his / her means, after which brace ourselves! Although I favor the particular children’s salons any morning.

  4. I can never forget my baby’s first haircut – we were too scared to do it at home and we took him to a regular salon, where he screamed and screamed! Later, we tried a children’s salon but that didn’t work either. So now, we just let it grow until it’s getting in his way, and then brace ourselves! But I prefer the children’s salons any day.

    1. It’s scary having scissors around a screaming baby that’s for sure! Children’s salons with videos I find are the best distraction.

  5. This is so cool! I’ve never seen children’s salons like this! My hubby is a barber and we started cutting out don’t hair at 9 months. We had the tears and all the first few times but I think he’s used to it now, thankfully. 🙂

  6. I have to admit I’ve always cut my kiddos, although I foresee a trip to the hairdressers later this year for them – it’s just a case of us all mentally bracing ourselves for it!

    1. Funny how the hairdressers gives kids the wobblies when they first go. Now that mine are calm I can cut their hair without any screaming in the house at the sight of me with scissors!

  7. I cut my son’s hair myself. It’s curly so it’s more forgiving than straight, fine hair (and believe me with my cutting skills it needs to be forgiving).

  8. Lovely photos-I found our local kiddies hair salon a bit pricey. I go to my own hairdresser and he does a cheaper job. Now granted it is a 3 man affair-Mini sits on Papa’s lap, I hold her arms, Dáithí, my hairdresser swoops in and snips when he can all in front of Peppa Pig on my tablet but it works!

  9. Emily @ DavenportDIY

    Stopping by from Mommy Monday blog hop! My little guy is almost 1, and is needing his first haircut soon- I WISH we had a mobile haircutter who could come by and do his. I have no idea how it’s going to go- I’m dreading it a little. Maybe I’ll just grow it out and put it in a pony tail for him?? hehe

  10. Awesome!

    I never cut my kids hair. I guess it’s a bit different, since our hair is different, but I just let it be whatever it was. I think I gave Hadyn his first hair cut about 3 or so, and Ava – I don’t think we cut her hair until she was almost 4. In both cases, it was just me doing it. Hadyn didn’t get his first professional haircut until about 5-6 (somewhere in there).


    The two olders had A LOT of hair, especially my daughter. It’s my youngest who has the least amount of hair. Poor little boy. He looks as if he has male pattern baldness. Haha!

    Thanks for the post. Great London resources!
    The two kids had a lot of hair.

    1. Lucky you Lisa not having to worry about their haircuts until they were a bit older! My daughter’s hair is easy now for me to trim as she just wants it long.

  11. What a fantastic idea for a kiddies hair cut!!! I cut our boys hair at home and in the early days resorted to 1 smartie every couple of minutes whilst they sat and watched their all time favourite dvd!

  12. Cute photos! I am yet to take my little man to the hairdresser. I cut my guys’ hair myself, the old one who has autism, wouldn’t let any hairdresser next to him, and I always wonder at my own skills, lol

    1. Now that mine are a bit older – plus there’s no kids hair salon near where we moved – I cut my twins hair at home. At least now they’re still and trust me with scissors. Sounds like your older child trusts only you.

  13. What a fabulous post Kriss. Gorgeous photos of the twins and the Tantrum hair salon sounds incredible, POD would love it! She’s only had one haircut so far in my hairdressers. She had a meltdown the first time but was alright when we went back. A lovely post, thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  14. So cool! My daughter is only 8 months old and hardly has any hair still. I’ll definitely consider a children’s hair salon though when the time comes. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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