Goodbye Fred the Pheasant

Goodbye Fred the Pheasant

We moved house this week. Not far. In fact just outside the next village. There are lots of pheasants roaming near our new home but they’re not Fred. A wild pheasant we nicknamed Fred showed up in January when we rebuilt a bird feeder platform. Without fail he made an appearance every morning to nibble on the bird seeds under the feeders – even in the snow. Soon he would sprint over to our garden whenever he saw me outside. Consequently he featured in most of my weekly photo diaries this year.

It’s been quiet on my blog this past week as I frantically unpack a zillion boxes and try to get our new home set up. And it’s been quiet in our old garden too. But before we left we said goodbye to Fred. As a special departing treat Theo sprinkled some bird feed on the ground for our formerly wild pheasant. Rather a magical moment between the two of them.

I’m adding one more portrait of Fred from one of the last days at our former home, just to show how close this handsome character would get to me as he patiently waited for his daily feast.

Wild pheasant nicknamed Fred

And why did I call this wild pheasant Fred? No idea. The name just seemed to suit him – an Asian bird with a Teutonic name meaning ‘peaceful ruler.’

20 thoughts on “Goodbye Fred the Pheasant”

  1. Gorgeous photos as always Kriss! Hope the move went well and you’re all settling in nicely. Great name for the bird – my boy is called Freddy, and he gets that same seeious look on his face sometimes 🙂

  2. Hope the move went well. It’s funny how we get attached to certain birds. We have ‘our’ robin who always pops into the back garden when we’ve been digging. I haven’t named him (or her) yet though!

  3. Farewell Fred – I feel privileged to have made your acquaintance and I am sure you’ll be missed. Here’s hoping you have found a Mrs Fred and you won’t miss your non feathered friends too much.

    Thank you for linking this to #AnimalTales (although as I type you have yet to do that!!) and I hope you are settling in well to your new home. I am looking forward to seeing pictures.

  4. Awwww, I feel a bit sad. I’m a bit in love with Fred. What a wonderful picture of your son with him, that is so special. It’s like one of those pictures that a [future] wildlife expert shows of when it all started as a child 🙂

  5. Fabulous photos of Fred – here’s hoping there is a lot more wildlife to discover near your new house.
    I have nominated you in the photo category for the BiBs – good luck Kriss x

  6. Lucas says – What an awesome story and Fred is so cool. I reckon Fred was really lucky to have you and I love the top photo – what a cool experience 🙂 #animaltales

  7. aww hope you’re getting settled in .. sorry to hear you had to leave Fred behind! .. heres hoping you have an amazing new start in your new home though!
    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments (sorry i am late)

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