Siblings – Twins 4 /15

Luce and Theo on playground donut

Do you remember having boundless energy? Running, swinging, leaping and climbing non-stop? Luce and Theo began the day early with tennis club before school. They told me they had P.E. outdoors at school but as soon as they hit the playground it was like watching fireworks explode.

What is it about kids and a playground? I’m not a playground mum. I like to take my kids on outdoor adventures exploring nature. It’s Dad who usually takes them to playgrounds but yesterday I had no choice but to let them loose in one. It was next door to the studio where my daughter has ballet classes. I hadn’t realised that ballet doesn’t resume until next week.

Luce and Theo in playground

Luce and Theo swirling on playground donutLuce and Theo on swings

It was almost like Luce and Theo had choreographed a dance together. First taking turns whirling each other around on a donut thing (I’m hopeless on playground terminology). A brief play on the swings before they reached a skateboard ramp. Then back and forth running up and down the ramp, leaping together to the top of each side. They didn’t argue. They didn’t compete. Luce and Theo were partners in just having fun – a mutual joie de vivre in the playground.
Luce and Theo leaping to top of rampLuce and Theo on skateboard slideLuce and Theo at top of skateboard rampRunning in skateboard ramp

Luce and Theo on skateboard ramp

At one point they even wanted to hold hands while running down the ramp and reach the other side together.

Holding hands on playground skateboard ramp

And as I took photos of my twins playing together with the same esprit, I thought of those childhood days when you just ran, leapt, climbed, swung and twirled without a pause.

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  1. Kids do have a level of energy that we just don’t. Mine walked 30 miles with scouts over the weekend then went straight off to school camp this morning. I love the way your two interact together, so special when they do that. thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  2. Ah I relate to this, Kit and Oz turn into feral beasts in a park – I need to bottle the raw energy! Fab shots – especially the blurry swinging one !

  3. I watched my son and two of his friends racing each other to lamp posts a while back. This was after a massive bike ride, playground and bike track excursion. They never tired once! Oh to be young again!

  4. That really is boundless energy – I almost feel tired just watching them!! They look so very very happy to be together, and as playgrounds go, it looks like you found a great one!

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