A Hill with a View

view from scuttlehole roadOften when driving along a back road through the Hamptons, I’ve glanced up beyond the farm fields at estates scattered on a slope above. Then I discovered I didn’t need over 10 million dollars to afford the same view. I could go on a short hike with the kids through the woods to the same overlook.

split rail fence start of trailAt the end of a cul-de-sac filled with large homes  a split rail fence is hidden behind bushes. A wide grass path remains as testimony to a developer’s failed plan for a road.fallen trees A public trail leads through woods to the top of a knoll with a unique vista of the Hamptons. Once these woods had hidden illegal whiskey stills, now they’re the secluded haven for private mansions.

mansion in the woodsAnd then we were at the top of “Whiskey Hill” with its panoramic view of the landscape below as far as the ocean.

overlook whiskey hill hamptons ny

mecox bay view

playing overlook brick hill preserveI told my children to stay close to the overlook vantage point as land around us was private property.tree cone Signs of more development surrounded this scenic nature spot at the top of a ridge formed by glaciers.

standing top of hillAnd then the sun began its descent. What a sight from our small hill with a view!

sunset HamptonsWe stayed as long as we could before heading back through the woods reaching the car while it still was dusk.

dusk grass pathway

Brick Hill Preserve, Bridgehampton, NY

trail marker kids walk hamptons off seasonThere are two routes leading to the overlook with its view – Mill Lane or  Bridge Hill Lane. We parked at the end of Bridge Hill Lane off Scuttlehole Road. Behind the green poles, fire hydrant and bushes is a split rail fence at the start of a wide grass pathway. Not far along on the left the owl markers mark the trail through the woods. We first followed the blue owl markers then at the fork the yellow owl markers took us to the overlook.  The blue and yellow owl markers also form a loop back to the grass pathway. Keep to the paths as the woods and surrounding area are private property. I’d also like to thank the Southampton Trails Preservation Society who ensure that public trails like these remain despite modern developments.

I plan to return for a longer walk around the loop and a picnic with the kids on the hill with a view. The overlook is another great walk to take kids on while visiting the Hamptons off season.

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  2. What an absolutely wonderful Winter walk, the light in the photographs is fantastic; we haven’t had anything like that since October really. Can you imagine living in one of those mansions?

    Nipping over from #countrykids

  3. And, what a view it is! Wow. Your photographs are beautiful, what a gorgeous walk. There are lots of trails like this around us in Boston, that’s one thing that has been a pleasant surprise, the amount of nature reservations and marked trails – fab with the kids.

    1. The nature reservations are wonderful but I’ve found I have to buy books and seek out the information to find the local trails here.

  4. Great photos. My friend and his family lived in the States for a couple of years and the thing he missed most from England was public footpaths. He said the national parks were amazing but that it was difficult to find public walking paths just in the ‘everyday countryside’. Sounds like you have some good ones near you though!

    1. The local town had to actually buy the land for the public trails otherwise there wouldn’t be any public right of way. A local group pressurised for it as the vantage point has been a local beauty spot since the 1930s

  5. Such a beautiful and very picturesque walk with the rewards of those spectacular views. As you say it’s wonderful how these trails are being protected and next time a picnic will be a wonderful idea. Thanks for linking up and sharing your lovely photos with Country Kids.

  6. i love these images Kriss. That one of your daughter through the grass with the big skyline is lovely. I love that about america. You get lots of big sky! x

  7. Such lovely photographs really capture the view, such a lovely place to explore with your children.

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