My kids said ‘Let’s go fly a kite’

Kite flying kidsIt was the perfect end of a beautiful sunny weekend. I didn’t have to suggest it. My kids told us they wanted to fly a kite. There was the ideal combination of sun and a light breeze and a new kite. They had spotted the new kite among the outdoor summer gear.

Their father was ready to finally rest indoors after a busy weekend but still he went out to find and show them the right place to fly their kite. He wanted to make sure they didn’t attempt to let it catch the breeze by our house as it could get caught in one of the power or phone lines. Off they went to a wide open space where the kite would have room to soar.

My twins Luce and Theo worked as a team and took turns flying the kite. The ‘pilot’ stood with their back to the wind while the other held the kite downwind further along the field. As soon as a draft of wind appeared the kite was let loose and immediately shot up in the air. Their father made sure the ‘pilot’ didn’t run but just pulled and steered the line to keep the kite floating as long as possible in the sky.

Kite flying preparing for breezeKite flying catching windLets go fly a kiteKite flyingFly a kite

Luce and Theo then wanted to test out the fancier parafoil kite but there wasn’t enough wind.  It will be saved for another sunny day when the breeze is strong and my kids will want to go kite flying just as their father and I sit down to relax.

7 thoughts on “My kids said ‘Let’s go fly a kite’”

  1. Sounds like it was a very efficient process for flying the kite. We’ve not taken ours out for a while so should do – I love to see them flying.

  2. Looks like it was a lovely day for kite flying. Your photos brought back memories of my own kite flying days (decades ago).

  3. Such a great thing to do and it really does need team work to get it nicely airborne. I love your kids enthusiasm for everything, it makes me want to go and dig our kite out and find a windy spot on the farm. A good kite like that is actually great all round exercise. I hope they get their chance to fly the parafoil kite soon too. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  4. My lot love kite flying too, something we haven’t done for ages! Must look out the kites now that the weather is getting better :0) Lovely photos of your impromptu outing, it’s always when you’re just about to sit down, isn’t it!

  5. It’s a brilliant pastime for all ages isn’t it! How lovely that Luce and Theo have mastered the art of kite flying – I guess they will be wanting to do this again very soon.

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