Siblings – Twins 5 / 15

Luce and Theo on road in woods

They went on a short walk after school in May.  Theo ran down a lane as fast as he could. Luce belted out a song.

Luce looking at Theo making face

With two front teeth missing, Theo wanted to make faces.Luce and Theo with flower under chin

So Luce decided to distract him. Oh, there’s a tiny spider in your hair, she said. I’ll return it to the bluebells.Luce trying to put flower in Theo's hair

But it was just a ploy to twine a flower in his hair. Gotcha! she said.Luce and Theo laughing

A little later a tree beckoned them to rest. They each looked into the distance but focused on different horizons. One day they will lead their own separate lives. Luce and Theo sitting by tree

But until then, Luce and Theo can lie in the grass on a Spring day and dream.Luce and Theo dreamingLuce and Theo in black and white

Shoulder to shoulder, they can smile up at their mother, then laugh and show their independence from her.

Theo with feet in the air

It’s fun to listen to the soft breeze among the wild flowers and whisper to each other.Luce and Theo smiling and dreaming

And enjoy just being seven.Luce staring and theo laughing

Love, live, laugh as brother and sister. As twins, Luce and Theo give each other confidence.

Luce and Theo together

So they can look with wonder, calmness and strength at the path ahead.


17 thoughts on “Siblings – Twins 5 / 15”

  1. Oh Kriss these photos are just magical, love them. Especially that last one, amazing. Can you teach Poppy to look at the camera like that without making silly faces! Lovely post x

  2. Love all the pictures of the twins… they so need to make the most of being seven and spending all the time in the world together. Growing up comes all too fast x

  3. Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy

    These are just stunning photos. Beauifu location and beautiful children. Luce’s face on that second photo is hilarious. #siblings

  4. there is a wonderful bond between multiples, I see it with my triplets. I know others have said already but your children are beautiful.

    1. I love reading and seeing the bond between your triplets. I so agree there is something special between multiples. And thank you 🙂 – yours are too!!

  5. Oh my Kriss, these photos are stunning. That last shot; such beautiful children (which I know I’ve said before, but that photo is amazing!). Lovely words too, it’s wonderful to see your two playing, laughing and just being together x

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