That Spring Feeling – My May Nature Notes

terrier jumping into pondI spent this past weekend at the Spring Fayre at Forest Garden Shovelstrode in Sussex. As children played in the sunshine, wild flowers glowed in the woods, a terrier leapt into the pond, and visitors strolled around the stands or watched wood crafting displays, that spring feeling struck me.

Spring Fayre flower pot and antiqueNot surprisingly that spring emotion is sometimes described as spring hope. It can make you feel calm, excited and creative at the same time. I honestly forgot what spring was like in the English countryside after two years in the US and so many years in London. Perhaps it was my recent walks in woodlands. The sight of bluebells is like the woods are reciting poetry with flowers.

So for my May nature notes I’m listing what caused that spring feeling.

Bluebell woods

There’s something rather indescribable about walking alone in bluebell woods on a spring morning. It’s as if an artist came along and said this ground needs to be blue. Not brown with leaves like in the winter. Or green with moss and grass. No, cover every bit with exquisite little bluebells. Bluebell road in woods

Bluebell and woods

And the bluebells are not satisfied with just hiding under the canopy of trees but have been appearing in garden flower beds everywhere too.
Bluebells and pink bluebells

Baby lambs

Baby lamb cuddled against eweThe little baby faces and the awkward leaps of new born lambs turn fields into scenes of uber cuteness. It’s as if their joy reminds me not to be too cynical or blase.

Spring migrants

The birds are back in town – and country.

Swallow on wireSo many birds have migrated back for spring.  Swallows have recently arrived after their long journey from the south of Africa and swoop, swirl and perch in our garden and the valley we overlook.

Spring Displays

At dusk and early morning, I hear the wild birds sing their hearts out whether from treetops or hedge tops. It’s time to find partners and build nests. Male pheasants strut around and chase hens in the field behind us. (I decided to omit the photo of what these two pheasants had been up to just before this scene!)Sparrow in hedgeMale and female pheasants

Blooming flowers

One thing that I missed so much when I was living in the Hamptons, USA, was the naturalness of English gardens. Now – my first spring since I’m back – once again I can enjoy the sight of flowers growing fully and with well-cared for abandon in gardens, rather than plants trimmed, manicured and spaced away from each other with mulch like showcase supermarket plots. And, of course, wild spring flowers blooming everywhere on nature walks.

Contrast of orange flowers and bluebells

Azaleas white and purple wild flowers

Cow Parsley and Wild Cornflower

Flowers by English cottage garden fenceGranny's bonnet


Let’s talk about the weather

Spring thunderstormOne day it’s sunny and the next there’s a thunder show, but that’s what spring is all about. One day you’re hopeful and wearing light clothes and the next day you’re in wellies and hooded parka getting soaked. But spring flowers thrive in this changing weather.


Apple blossoms and bluebellsWild raspberry budsWhether it’s the apple tree blossoms or the first signs of wild raspberries, soon nature will be providing fruits to pick or forage and then taste.

Busy bees

Bee buzzing on flowersAnd I’ve noticed a quiet hum as I wander in the garden or along a village street. Bees have gotten that spring buzz too as they zoom from one flower to another.

And it affects your senses.

White rhododendron with pink budsThe scent of wild flowers, the songs of wild birds echoing across a dusky sky, the vibrant colours of flowers in the woods, gardens and meadows creating a landscape that just gives you, well, that spring feeling. It all grabs you, but in a rather lovely way.

“It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want – oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” Mark Twain

What spring feeling would you add to your list?

30 thoughts on “That Spring Feeling – My May Nature Notes”

  1. WOW!!! Such amazing photography. Spring is just so special and this is a great reminder of it – I need to bookmark this for around Feb next year as a reminder winter will be over soon 😉 Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

  2. Gorgeous images of Spring; the Bluebell woods, the blossom, bee and lamb, all such iconic Spring feels.
    I have been totally charmed by the natural, rustic appearance of gardens this years

  3. The bluebell wood is stunning. It’s been years since I’ve walked through a wood full of bluebells. I’ve got some in the garden but it’s nit the same as seeing that carpet of blue beneath the trees.

  4. You’ve really captured all the wonderful aspects of spring here Kriss. I adore bluebells and blossom, they’re such a treat from Mother Nature, aren’t they? Gorgeous pics.

  5. Fantastic – so many good things, as I was reading I was thinking “like that, like that, like that too” and in fact I liked it all – fab shot of the terrier at full stretch though. Isn’t spring wonderful? 🙂 #hdygg

  6. Gemma Stevens

    Your photos are stunning. I bet it was so peaceful amongst the bluebells. I love Spring so much.

  7. Oh gosh you had me at bluebells then boom baby lamb face!! Spring is brilliant isn’t it, love all the flowers returning and new signs of life. Just need it to warm up a bit!

  8. Gorgeous photos – I do love this time of year, there is so much beauty everywhere. Bluebell woods are so lovely to explore and I love seeing blossom and baby lambs and lots of splashes of colour appearing after the dullness of winter 🙂

  9. stunning shot of the dog, i love the bluebells, i was fortunate to capture some photos myself on my last trip to the UK in Malvern

  10. These are amazing pictures, every one of them. The lamb, awww and the wonderful weather scene. The bee looks like a watercolour illustration. My spring feeling would be all the seedlings pushing their way through in the pots in my little greenhouse.

  11. Baby lambs and bluebells – squeeeeeee! Your photos of the bluebell carpet reminds me of my yurt holiday last May – we were staying in the woods surrounded by them. I think we have the same aquilegia flowers 🙂

  12. great great pictures! that lamb’s face is so expressive, and you caught the changeable weather so well in that single shot!

  13. Spring has got me really thinking, it always does, more than other seasons I think. There always seems so much hope and new potential in spring. Love seeing the birds here too, my Dad was sad the swallows don’t seem to have come to his house this year. Glad they made it your way though!

    1. Spring makes me want to make plans and be creative. We have masses of swallows where we live – sometimes they even swoop right past our heads if we’re out on the back deck.

  14. The bluebells are fabulous, I love to see them spread out like that. For me, spring has been all about the blossom 🙂 But, also the random, unexpected flashes of colour popping up all over my garden 🙂

  15. What beautiful light going through the bluebell wood. I’ve been both heartened by the sight of so many native bluebells still about but saddened that our local wood has been overrun by the Spanish variety. It’s just not the right shade of blue!

  16. Ah it’s Spring-tastic here today! Love the lamb especially and the blossom tree by the bluebells. Lovely lovely lovely.
    I need to get out on some walks this week – I’ve been playing catch up since holiday and I am growing restless! We need to arrange a date for me to come and stalk you 🙂
    Thanks for joining in again lovely x

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