Siblings – Twins 6 / 15

Luce and Theo under train bridge

There’s a small railway bridge over a dirt track road near the woods. Theo likes to shout under it to listen to his voice echo. Luce likes to sing. She’s always singing, but she makes up her own tunes and lyrics. This drives Theo crazy more often than not, but this time they decided to dance together.Theo peering at cameraLuce and Theo posing in tunnelLuce and Theo on road by bridgeLuce and Theo dancing under bridgeTwins dancingTwins dancing in black and whiteLuce and Theo laughing and dancing joyfully

I love watching my twins dancing together. Just pure joy.

8 thoughts on “Siblings – Twins 6 / 15”

  1. Looks like they have a very close bond.
    I LOVE the shots you have taken. Stunning. and in black and white too. x

  2. So adorable – I’ve always thought that being a twin adds a whole new dimension to playing together. My own daughters were always very creative when they were small. Fabulous photos – the black and white images are timeless x

  3. They look like they’re having fun! My two love shouting as we go under a railway bridge on the school run. This morning it was monkey noises! Beautiful children, beautifully captured x

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