Gravetye Manor gardens in June

Gravetye Manor house and gardensI had to have a wander this week around the nearby gardens of Gravetye Manor in Sussex. It’s nearby and an ideal sanctuary, I mean garden, to see what’s blooming in June. Actually I lie, I went there twice this week – once to visit the walled kitchen garden and the second time the flower gardens around the country house. Today I’ll give you a photo tour of the Flower Garden and the Little Garden.

Although it’s a hotel, and there were guests seated at tables outdoors, I can lose myself amongst the flowers. Originally designed by William Robinson (1838-1935), its flower beds are a mixture of cultivated, wild, exotic and native flowers now overseen by the Head Gardener Tom Coward. Do have a peek at an earlier post giving some history of these gardens.

I imagine I’ve walked through a magical door and come out alone into its gardens. Gravetye manor side door with reflectionThe scent of roses and honeysuckle drifts along with me as I past its sixteenth century walls in the sheltered Little Garden.Gravetye Manor honeysuckleGravetye Manor flowers by wallPeonies swell in glee that it’s early summer and add an air of romance to the Flower Garden behind Gravetye Manor. Gravetye Manor peony flower shrubGravetye Manor peony and budI notice all the purple, reds, burgundies and orange hued flowers standing gloriously in the flowerbeds. Lupins, poppies and aliums do like our English gardens in June.Gravetye Manor lupinsGravetye Manor burgundy and yellow flowersGravetye Manor flowers against skyGravetye Manor lupins and poppiesGravetye Manor tables and flower bedGravetye Manor poppiesFish dart underneath water lillies in a decorative pond. Gravetye Manor water lily and fishpondAt the back of the garden is a path lined with fluttering curtains of white wisteria.
Gravetye Manor white wisteria and flowerbedGravetye Manor whiste wisteria pathGravetye Manor whiste wisteria strandsI’ll be back soon as I want to explore more of Gravetye Manor’s gardens – such as the orchard, the wild meadow, the East Garden and the Wild Garden.  And finally here’s a glimpse of the lavendar and pink geranium growing behind the wisteria path. Gravetye Manor lavendar bed with pink flowersThe gardens at Gravetye Manor are open to visitors on Tuesdays and Fridays – or all the time to guests at the hotel. To see more June floral beauties, have a look at some of the posts linked up to Annie’s How Does Your Garden Grow?

11 thoughts on “Gravetye Manor gardens in June”

  1. Oh these gardens are stunning, and steeped in so much history. It looks like a beautiful place to spend some time, not at all surprised your are able to lose yourself among the flowers.

  2. Wowzers, what a fantastic garden! Love the wildness, especially those poppies. Fewer things are more beautiful than their floppy red petals. Honeysuckle is a beautiful smell – I got a whiff of it yesterday whilst gardening and I realised one was growing on the other side of the fence in my neighbours garden.

  3. Well I was jealous of you having this garden on your doorstep when you first wrote about it, but now I’m completely green with envy – it’s just beautiful. Those peonies! I’d be there as often as I could if I lived nearby – enjoy 🙂

  4. Oh my Kriss it’s so beautiful there! We NEEEEEED to sort a date out as I need this place in my life I do I do I do!!!!

    I especially love the poppies and honeysuckle. I can see how you can spend so much time there – dreamy!

    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy BritMums lovely, sorry I can’t be there, I have the kids this weekend so family time only for me. Thanks for joining in again x

  5. What absolutely beautiful gardens. I can see why they open them to visitors in the week otherwise they would have people trying to sneak in!

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