Siblings – Twins – November

Japanese maple

I saw a Japanese maple in full Autumn glory. Fallen red leaves spread around it.

Without a word to each other, Luce and Theo ran past me towards the tree.

Luce Theo climbing Japanese maple

They saw a perfect climbing frame. But as they scrambled aboard the Japanese maple, they had to compete for the best path upwards.

Luce Theo amid branches

But soon they found their own branches. As twins they had to share the same tree. They both had the same goal but took different routes.

Twins climbing Japanese maple

While from the outside I could only watch them play and move together inside this tree’s umbrella.

Luce Theo lying japanese maple leaves

After they came back to earth, the red blanket below the Japanese maple offered them a perfect bed to lie upon and dream. Or perhaps plan their next escapade together.

10 thoughts on “Siblings – Twins – November”


    I absolutely love it! hope that you put it in a frame and on the wall somewhere. Also, it’s lovely to see another set of twins. I hope that mine grow up to have a similarly close relationship.

  2. Climbing that tree looks like a lot of fun! That final photo is just gorgeous, a lovely moment captured there and the colour of those leaves is just so beautiful too ūüôā

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