Colours in November? A visit to Wakehurst.

cyclamen amongst leaves

I found myself stopping and staring.

I wasn’t expecting to see so many colours in November when I went  with my children this past weekend to visit the Millenium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place in West Sussex.

Cyclamen splattered the ground with colour as we began walking down the path.

And then I noticed that leaves were still holding tight to branches. Their patterns of orange, green, purple and red reminded me of artist paint palette boards. Some leaves just stood out in contrast to the grey sky.

changing colour leaves

red maple leaves

A Japanese maple in full Autumn Glory.Japanese maple

My twins concluded it was a perfect height for climbing and the ground leaves a perfect bed for dreaming.Luce Theo lying japanese maple leaves

There weren’t many visitors that afternoon at Wakehurst. Despite the clinging Autumn colours, it still was a chilly and rainy November day. The magpies and the crows didn’t mind as they walked alone along the garden’s paths.

magpie and bench

crow walking wakehurst

The giant redwoods stood like guardians over this November scene. Up, and up, and up they reached into the sky – although as my kids and I had previously learnt these American immigrants were not so old as those across the water.

top of Wakehurst Redwood

middle Redwood

Redwood base

But we wondered the age of a gnarly tree by the edge of a pond. Its twisted limbs still half covered in a beautiful dress of red leaves.

gnarly tree

Not caring if it was November or June, pale rushes nearby swayed in the wind.

Rushes against sky

How soon will all these colours be gone and we’ll just be surrounded by bare branches?  Well, I’ll be returning with Luce and Theo in early December for the after dark Glow Wild event at Wakehurst Place. (By the way, tickets fast selling out!)  We’ll wander around with lanterns but remember the colours of November.

12 thoughts on “Colours in November? A visit to Wakehurst.”

  1. Just beautiful Kriss, love Autumn! Was thinking this is where our friends live but actually I’m sure it’s Wadhurst! Must check 🙂

  2. Love your three photos of the redwood! I’m sure the leaves are staying on the trees later this year, there are some near to where we live that are only just starting to colour up.#pocolo

  3. I,ove the way you posted the three mages of the tree – I’ve always wondered how to get a tall tree shot! The top picture is such a beautiful and surprising mix of colours. Gorgeous 🙂

  4. Wow what colours, so vivid.That is what I love about Autumn in that top shot – crunchy leaves and vivid colours! Love how you have photographed that redwood, it really seems to show the height of the tree spreading it out like that.
    Thank you for joining in again, I know it’s not as easy as in the Spring / Summer time x

  5. i love Cyclamen they very pretty i planted some recently but they got damp and developed mold within 10 hours and killed them all so i had to ditch them plus a good inch of soil and start again i love how your pictures have them poking out among the leaves

    1. I really noticed them at Wakehurst because they were mixed in with all the fallen leaves. Must try to plant some myself in the future.

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