A soothing walk in a nature reserve

walk nature reserveOften I ache for my past rambles with old friends in the English countryside, but I regain calmness by taking my kids for a walk in the local nature reserve. After a summer away, we returned to its fields and woods this past week.

yellow red landscapeAs we entered this haven, I paused to gaze at the echoes of a new season’s colors drifting across the landscape. As if sensing my mood, a light wind came and went leading the clouds away with it.

dandelion wishMy daughter stopped to pick a dandelion and make a wish. I made mine silently too. bee on flowertwo hovering bees

Bees still hovered amongst the yellows. Where do they go in the winter, my children asked? jumping grab red leaffeather leaf

But in the same breath there was a leap to catch a red leaf. We noticed a white feather on the ground lying next to a fallen leaf. An angel has been here we said.

Pink landscapeAnd the sun pushed away the last of the clouds and I felt like I was in a painting filled with strokes of pinks and reds. red flowersred shrubs

Soft pastels in field

And soft pastel hues. Then we went into the forest. picking more red leavesthrowing old wood logDragging sticksturkey feather
The forest is just another playground for my children as we continued our walk in the nature reserve. More leaves to pick. Dead wood to throw in the air. Branches to drag across the ground. A wild turkey feather captured.

shadows tree trunkBut I only noticed the silence as I stared at shadows resting on tree trunks.

trees forest nature reserve walkEven here the sun had reached through the canopy to soothe me. white shrubscricket seed pod

But soon we retreated to the old fields and I noticed shades of white amongst its layers as some plants had begun fading away. A cricket hiding on an old seed pod.

walking through fieldAnd finally we headed back.feathersleaves display
At home my son asked how and why and more about his feathers.  My daughter sat contentedly with her leaves thinking of art projects. I still missed my friends but I was smiling again after our walk in the nature reserve.

(This walk took place in the nature reserve behind SOFO in Bridgehampton in the Hamptons)

37 thoughts on “A soothing walk in a nature reserve”

  1. Oh what a lovely post and beautiful pictures. This is a beautiful memory you are creating for your children, just think in the future they might write about their wonderful walks in the nature reserve with you. I love the turkey feather too,

    1. Thank you – I’m so glad they love going on walks. I think I’ve been taking them for long rambles in all different places since they could walk and run.

  2. It is so true that the children think of forest, or any natural setting, as another playground. I love hearing their take on it all and of course the questions. So good to see it again but through their fresh eyes. A beautiful post. #CountryKids

  3. What a gorgeous post and what an array of colours. The nature reserve looks beautiful and such a peaceful place to be.

  4. So restful to do this – I wrote a post about it just a couple of weeks back, as I needed to retreat somewhere calm, too. Your photos are stunning, and I love how your children are still thinking about their outing on your return home #CountryKids

  5. What a beautiful and tranquil place to explore, perfect for the children to have fun in natures playground and find some of it’s treasures. Lovely sentiments in your post depicting your walk perfectly. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  6. What a lovely post, I’m pleased I’m not the only one who wishes on the dandelions when my son blows their seeds 😉

  7. Kriss, this is amazing. What beautiful pictures to tell such a beautiful and serene story. I just love nature. I love the smells and the feel of the air touching my skin. It’s so calming and relaxing.

    Thank you so much for sharing these pictures.


    1. It’s the nature reserve behind the Nature Museum (opposite the Children’s Museum) – including one of the trails you can follow from the ‘Old Field’ into the woods on the North side.

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