Tree Faces and a knightly adventure in the woods

Tree canopy in woodsIt was time for a fairy tale adventure in the woods. A brave combination of two sets of twins were on a knightly quest to protect their forest castle.

Swords were ready in case they encountered any dragons or other beasts. Fallen trees didn’t stop them as they made their way through the woods.Kids painted swords in woodsLuce and Theo with swords in woods

Once they reached the castle it was time to turn the trees around it into guardians. A nearby tree was given two faces so it could look in both directions in case any trespassers dared approach their den castle.Den castle in the woodsTree faces and den

Of course a surfer girl tree face was needed in case intruders from the beach appeared in the woods! Tree face surfer girl

Soon the woods were like a knightly fairyland with tree faces everywhere!Tree faces with daisy eyesTree face and pathTree face daisy hair leaf lips

The castle was safe. Only one stop had to be made on the return journey home for a splendid sword fight in the forest.Sword fight in woods

How to make tree faces in the woods

How to make tree faces in the woodsWe brought along a bag of clay which was soil dug up from one of our flowerbeds. We added a bit of water to it from a wood stream when it became too dry. If you don’t have clay you can use mud instead. We also picked some wild flowers from our garden such as daisies and clovers. In the woods we gathered leaves, nuts, acorns and cones for further decoration. I also brought along wet hand wipes for dirty hands! The final ingredient for tree faces is children’s imagination.

27 thoughts on “Tree Faces and a knightly adventure in the woods”

  1. What a beautiful post and adventure. The faces are super cool and I am so stealing the idea and credit you of course. ;)Your photos again…they are beauty-FULL. xx

    1. I’m rather fanatical about nature walks with kids so i’m always looking for a way to turn it into an ‘adventure’ so love it that you’d like to do the same or similar. No need to credit unless you’re linking to post or photos! And thank you for your lovely comment xx

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  3. What a great day out for the kids, there’s nothing like knights and castles to spark off some great imaginative play! I love the idea of making faces on the trees, I bet the kids felt like they had some real sentry guards stood over their castle. You can’t explore the woods as a knight and not have a sword fight, it sounds like a great way to finish the day. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  4. This is brilliant! Love the tree faces. I’ve always wanted to make a den in the woods. We do have one nearby, but it’s a bit of a trek from our house. Now if only the weather would improve and we could “borrow” your idea and make tree faces too and a den in the woods! 🙂 #countrykids.

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