Just a walk with the wind

waves windy beachThe wind howled, but, instead of staying home, we took our kids to watch it dancing with the waves.

wild geese snow fieldWe passed wild geese keeping out of its reach. waves shorelinewaves

walk windAnd found it leaping across the waves and flinging sand into the air at the beach.

leaning back windMy son leant back to feel the wind’s arms.

watching waves

While my daughter held hands by the water’s edge.

walking windy beach

beach scene fenceyellow coat windy beach

And on this shore I could show my kids the power of nature. Despite the freezing wind and the cloud filled February skies, there was still something beautiful about the scene before us.

silhouette leap beach

A breath gust of fresh air. A leap to the sky. A walk with the wind.

Note: Our walk with the wind was on Wainscott Beach in the Hamptons, NY.

8 thoughts on “Just a walk with the wind”

  1. The beach is beautiful whatever the season and it’s so captivating to watch the power of the sea and feel the elements around you. Thanks for linking up and sharing your bracing photos with Country Kids.

  2. It’s so great ridding those cobwebs isn’t it. Looks so beautiful there Kriss, despite the cold. I love the photos and the jumping one is great 🙂

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