Beachcombing Zen

zen beach

beachcombingA beach and kids would not seem to equal beachcombing Zen. But it did. It did indeed. Two buckets and a beachcomber’s guide were all we brought.

Winter’s dusk headed our way as my children searched the shore of the bay.

And soon listened to the whispers of the sea.channeled whelk beach
listening sea chenneled whelk

beachcombing zen kids

And found the washed up remnants of life underwater.

dead fish beachIncluding locks from Medusa and a mermaid lost at sea.

And then I noticed the colours around me.

And that the water was eerily still.

theo zen still water beach

Zen like still water

Sand zen still water

Not a ripple or a wave. Everything was so quiet. A perfect setting for some beachcombing the Zen way.

rocks beach zen garden

Including a Zen garden made by the sea.

Then darkness suddenly fell without me noticing. My children ran to the playground at the end of the beach instead of following me up the path to our car.

I stood still and looked at the skyline. I breathed slowly in and out.

One, two, three times I gently beckoned them to depart. But they were in their own Zen-like upside down phase.

So I pierced the night air and shattered the beachcombing Zen with my echoing screams, “Now. Car. Home!”

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



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  1. ah i love these. there is something so incredible calming about the sea when it is like this. Adore the little upside down picture x

  2. What a fabulous trip. So much fun for the children and that natural zen garden is just gorgeous. Lovely photos, too x

  3. I love beachcombing! I love your beach! As always, your photos are beautiful too. Like I said before, so lucky to live near a beach like that. #CountryKids.

  4. I don’t blame them for wanting to stay! Gorgeous pictures as usual and what great finds. Thanks for linking and sharing your fun outdoors with Country Kids.

  5. Oh, it’s just beautiful Kriss. I love the beach on days like this. We haven’t been for awhile, but I think it’s time to make a trip :) I love the shades of blue, grey and sand – such a calming set of photos – very zen like :)

  6. Where do you get a beachcombers guide? Love the “Zen” of it all, the beach certainly can have a great affect on everyone even the littles.

    • I bought a guide from the local Nature Museum bookshop and it was published by the Audubon Society. In UK i think the NHBS might have various guides available.

  7. As always… such a pleasure to visit. I love the pictures, and I honestly felt zen reading and looking at all the lovely photos. Thanks for sharing via Mommy Monday!