Silent Sunday 32

swan mist silent sunday

Swan swimming in mist covered Otter Pond in Sag Harbor, the Hamptons


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  1. Fabulous! So grey and still. Great winter shot.

  2. Such a tranquil photo.

  3. That is such a beautiful picture… I have a similar theme for my silent sunday, but I like yours better! 😀

  4. So beautiful. Love the swan’s reflection, too x

  5. That swan is moving so gracefully that there are no ripples, wonderful shot

  6. As this photo was opening up on my screen all grey I assumed it was the sky so it was quite a surprise to see the swan! The water is so calm, there is barely a ripple.

  7. Great shot, looks so peaceful :)

  8. Wow, stunning shot. It looks so peaceful. Love the composition.

  9. Beautiful I love the reflections x

  10. ooh that is very atmospheric – great reflections

  11. That looks like a moody weather day!

  12. Wow, stunningly serene shot

  13. Lines and curves and mysteriously grey day!

  14. Swan Lake…beautiful shot.

  15. Stunning shot x love the shadows on the water.

  16. Ooh such an interesting photo. Can’t tell where the sky and water meet, if that’s a reflection of the tree or the actual tree!! Love the graceful swan. Really amazing photo x

  17. It looks so wintery! Fab shot x

  18. beauty on a grey day

  19. Beautiful capture, I hope it has a mate.

  20. Stunning shot Kriss!

  21. What a great photo. It looks very grey but beautiful.

  22. Lovely. Does look grey and misty though, brr!

  23. Wow. Stunning shot!

  24. Wow! I am loving this photo! It’s so serene and mystical!

  25. beautiful birds, but i do find them a little scary too!