Otter Pond – or a tale of Swan Lake?

Sag Harbour road to pondThe days are short so we just went for a ride to Otter Pond not far away from the end of our road. theo scooterluce scooter

Practicing Swan Lake on scooters. Sag Harbor pond ducks treesswan pondswans birds ponds

swan lake pondThe ducks scooted but the swans approached.

feeding swans pondNo crossbows were aimed instead bread was offered.

seagull swooping swansgulls flapping swans

But the seagulls began swooping in like minions of a sorcerer. swan eating breadfeeding bread swan pond

The swans ignored them and were surprisingly gentle near my special two as if they really were spell cast Swan Lake lovers.

water swan beakswan standing by pondswans webbed feet

But soon the sun started descending…

sun setting swan lake pondand we left Odette and Siegfried to their own reflections. And a happy yuletide on what we now call our Swan Lake pond – after all otters have not been here since the 1800s.

odette siegfried swan lake

Wishing  you all peace and joy this holiday season xo

Otter Pond in Sag Harbor

Goslings Otter Pond

In early summer kids can watch ducklings and goslings swimming with their parents here. Ducks also regularly cross Jermain Avenue (there’s a sign marking this just near Archibald Way) for their daily swim and feeding in Otter Pond.

Duck Crossing by Otter Pond

Otter Pond is located at the end of the Bridgehampton/Sag Harbor turnpike as you enter the main part of the historical whaling village of Sag Harbor. It’s just opposite the entrance to Mashashimuet Park. It originally had just freshwater from a groundwater feed – but it also became a tidal saltwater pond after it was connected to Sag Harbor’s Upper Cove in 1793. Now Otter Pond is home to ducks, swans, and geese. A seal was sighted fishing in its waters in the winter of 2010.  In early summer kids can watch ducklings and goslings swimming with their parents here.

And on a misty evening you can watch the swans in the mist.swan mist otter pond sag harbor

16 thoughts on “Otter Pond – or a tale of Swan Lake?”

  1. Such a beautiful post with gorgeous photo’s. I love that your two practised swan lake on their scooters on the journey up to the lake. Such a beautiful location #countrykids very Merry Christmas wishes to you too x

  2. Such gorgeous photos. Love the shots of the twins on their scooters and that last photo of the swans is simply stunning. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Have a wonderful Christmas xx

  3. As always, I enjoy your #CountryKids posts. You always have such beautiful photos to show! 🙂 Have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year too, from my little family to yours 🙂

  4. What stunning photos and how great to have such a beauty spot so near. It’s lovely to hear that the Swans were so gentle and thankful for their bread, they really are very graceful and beautiful. Have a wonderful christmas and thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  5. It looks wonderful at this lake – beautiful photos Kriss. Love the close-ups of the swans too. Fabulous 🙂

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