A deer view

Deer view

Almost daily when I look out of the windows there’s a herd of fallow deer grazing in the field in the valley where we live. I love that we have a home with a deer view. Too often I sneak out to try and get a closer shot but they hear my steps in the field and detect my scent so they flee. Always there’s one deer that looks straight towards me and I wonder what it’s thinking as I try to edge closer.

14 thoughts on “A deer view”

  1. Seeing wild deer is one of my favourite things. We often go out walking in the woods and see them, but as soon as a twig snaps they dart off. Sarah #MySundayPhoto

  2. What a great photo. I wonder if the one who is staring at you is the guard for the others – checking how much of a threat you pose!
    Apparently a deer got into my daughter’s playground at school last week!

  3. Beautiful, we have some monk jack deers roaming around near us, haven’t managed to capture those yet.

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