Autumn Mist

trees in autumn mistI woke up early one morning this past week and knew the season was changing when I saw the fog outside. Soon I found myself walking in the Autumn mist. Dew drops hung off dying wild flowers while sheep grazed in a nearby field.

wild flowers and sheep in mist

sheep in mist

The cooling air was silent around me as the fog embraced the land. I went through a gate into the formal garden of an estate. It felt like walking into Sleeping Beauty’s garden. All so still. A rabbit sitting quietly on a lawn. Leaves fallen around a stone table.

gate in mist

rabbit on lawn in mist


landscape autumn fog

A landscape without a view. On my way back home I glimpsed cobwebs in hedges and then I finally saw colour appear in the mist. Red roses still thriving despite the longer and cooler nights causing the fog.

cobwebs hedge

red wall roses

But in my garden a yellow rose was weeping petals as it silently said goodbye to summer.

wilting yellow rose

Inside my children had just woken up – the silence was broken and the Autumn mist was soon gone.


13 thoughts on “Autumn Mist”

  1. Ah this is so lovely, and exactly like the morning that I looked out of the window and thought I should take photos only to discover I had left my camera at home! I love morning fog – and it always makes the day feel longer as by late morning there’s usually been such a drastic weather change that everywhere looks like a different place!
    Thanks for sharing these and joining in – apologies it’s taken me a while to comment and share but I have been without internet. The horror!

  2. Beautiful photos – there’s just something about misty mornings that is quite magical. I loved your phrase about the rose weeping yellow petals as it said goodbye to summer.

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