Blooming marvellous

orange and pink rose blooming marvellous

I’ve been quiet for quite a few days and what do I have to say…blooming marvellous. Or blooming marvelous if I use the American instead of British spelling. I’ve been on holiday – or, once again, on vacation as they say in the US – in Savannah, Georgia.

yellow flowers savannahEvery day my children and I walked around downtown Savannah – also known as Savannah’s Historic District. And everywhere there were blooming flowers.

fountain garden Owens Thomas House

luce theo garden

CU flower Owen Thomas garden

Whether in the garden of a historic home – such as the Owens-Thomas House above.

flowers plants savannah staircase

Or by the stairwell of a home.

blooming garden savannah

And in a side garden.

Hanging flower basket savannah

rose savannah window

Or brightening the view from a window.

rose bush savannah street corner

On a street corner.

flowering bush savannah alleyway

Even in an alleyway.

flower boxes savannah

Or in window boxes in front of a hotel on the main shopping street.

rose bud

All these flowers I captured on my camera as I wandered through Savannah’s streets. For some more glimpses have a look at my previous post on this Southern city.

raindrops red rose

yellow rose


red flower savannah

There’s something about the beauty of flowers that eases the soul and puts a smile on one’s face. Makes you forget the harsh winter you just had. Unfounded cruel words fade away when you look at the colours, the pistil and delicate petals on a flower. Mehmet Murat Ildan said, “In matters of healing the body or mind, vacation is a true genius!” And a vacation surrounded by flowers – even in an urban setting – is blooming marvellous.

red rose white flowers

Blooming with a bit of marvellous.

35 thoughts on “Blooming marvellous”

  1. Well these are both blooming and marvellous! Just so much colour – how lovely to spend time there, living there must be a joy. Best you were grinning like a Cheshire Cat seeing all these happy colours!
    Good vacation?
    (and of course thank you for joining in!)

    1. It really is like walking through a living jewel box with the colours and flowers everywhere. And I get to keep visiting it as my Mum now lives there!

  2. Beautiful! I’m hoping for some marvellous colour in my garden. It’s all looking a bit green at the moment x

  3. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful holiday Kriss! Love your choices of words for #WotW and it’s fab that you’re all feeling the positive effects of time away as per #ThePrompt. Gorgeous photos too 🙂

  4. Hellie's Corner

    The city gardens are certainly doing a great job there, blooming lovely 🙂 and can you spare a bit of that heat and send it over here, thanks.

  5. Some really beautiful photos there! There aren’t so many blooming flowers near me but I’m looking forward to the next few weeks when they all ought to be. You’re right too, a vacation/holiday is wonderful. 🙂 #PoCoLo

  6. Once again I am finding Savannah a joy to behold via your posts! Such a lot of gorgeously pretty flowers – I especially like the planting at the bottom of the stairwell – so quaint and pretty! Definitely a healing holiday with all those beautiful sights. #theprompt #wotw

  7. These photos certainly ease my soul. After a very long winter, it is wonderful to finally see some colour. You are right, a holiday in such surroundings cannot help but refresh and recharge. Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  8. How beautiful, blooming marvelous indeed. I have some flowers in my garden which have just bloomed, I only moved in last Autumn so it’s all new and wonderous for me.

  9. Gorgeous pictures, what a lovely looking place. My Mother in Law lives in Florida, and I have always thought we should fly to Georgia and meet them there to make things a little different! Hope you had a lovely time! 🙂

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