Back in Savannah with kids

garden square savannah

I was back in Savannah with kids and I knew where to take them the first morning.

As I hummed to myself “Georgia on my mind,” we crossed garden squares. And wandered pass historical homes and stepped on flower petals on the ground. There’s just something about Savannah, Georgia… orange door 19th century house savannahhouses historical district savannahpetals ground flowering shrubhaint blue, fish sculpture, savannahporch historical district savannah

And soon we had reached our destination: Forsyth Park. First stop was at the 1858 fountain.forsyth park fountain statute forsyth park fountainWhere we paused to watch its statues blow their horns.

Then we strolled along paths lined with majestic trees. And hanging moss. alleyway trees, forsyth park, savannahUntil we reached one of the playgrounds.

Soon there were dashes over to the bandstand as well as to a different set of swings.
theo swing bandstand, forsyth parkswing forsyth park

And a stop in a fragrant flower garden.

orange roses fountain

Before the kids and I headed back to my mother’s in downtown historical Savannah. jones st savannahrocking chairs front porchThere’s plenty to do in Savannah with children including hanging out with alligators or pirates. But I think my favourite thing is  just going for a walk. And while my children search for ghosts and dolphins  I like to look for and catch fragments that make up the puzzle and history that forms this beautiful city. So Savannah is on my mind this week, as well as my kids’.

21 thoughts on “Back in Savannah with kids”

  1. How Beautiful Kriss, it must be lovely to go back with your kids. Your photos are fabulous as always and I’m soaking up the spring flowers and historical buildings like a sponge! #WotW

  2. It doesn’t look like a city from your photos. Looks like a lovely time of year to be there with spring bursting out on all the plants. The buildings look lovely too, you can see there is history there. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids

  3. Wow these photos are stunning Kriss – couldn’t choose my favourite! I adore this style of building, always have done. Perhaps my heart is in Georgia although I’ve never been there! Loving the pics of your kids on the swings 🙂

  4. Oh I love the American deep south. I haven’t been to Georgia but I studied abroad at the University of Texas back in the early nineties and when my years was up we took a roadtrip over to Louisiana, stopping in Lafayette and New Orleans. Its like nowhere else in America – so unique. The moss hanging from the trees, the laid back atmosphere. Wonderful. And Forsyth Park looks lovely too. #WotW

  5. I love old houses and historical buildings. Next time we go back to the States, will put this on my list of places to visit! 🙂 Lovely photos as always. #PoCoLo.

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