Early March Whispers

Early March small blue flowersEarly March is a strange time. Winter’s over but spring’s not quite here. There are still snowdrops in my garden. I gaze at and collect tiny little flowers in wonder.

The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size.”

Gertrude Wister, Horticulturalist

Snowdrops in gardenEarly March little flowersBut it feels as if nature and the weather are taunting me. It’s like the landscape is whispering while I’m waiting for it to shout out in joy and in full colour. In return one moment blue skies and the next hail.Jackdaws and cloudsPerhaps it’s a good thing that it’s still quiet as I’ve been rather out of it this week with some irksome early spring cold. So my to do list just grows while it gathers dust. I’m hoping that as I recover the buds will all start turning into resplendent blooms.

O Blackbird! sing me something well” 

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Poet

Blackbird and budsBlackbird and magnolia

A magnolia tree near where I live still hasn’t blossomed. But a week ago I saw another in full bloom. I guess one heard the whispers that spring is here and the other has just decided to bide its time.Magnolia tree in bloom

Of course, the one rare time I went out with my camera I had to stop the car and let a magnificent stag cross before me. But the does in our valley were rather shy although they had just been happy grazing in a field with a tiding of magpies. Herd of deer and magpieHerd of deer running across field

Soon perhaps there will be little nests all around. I saw a pied wagtail for the first time this year in our garden before it flew off to enjoy the view from a barn roof.Sparrows on barn roofPied wagtail on roof

And a frog smiled and winked at us under a small bridge in a pond after I picked up Luce and Theo from school.Frog in pondThe bees are back too. They’ve heard the early march whispers. Like me they’re waiting for all the buds to bloom.Bee and heatherHeather in bloomSedum buds

Yes, I’ve actually walked in a field of daffodils this week but what I really, really want is a meadow filled with a rainbow of wild flowers.  Field of Daffodils

March is the month of expectation”

Emily Dickinson, Poet



12 thoughts on “Early March Whispers”

  1. Such a funny time at the moment, I’ve seen magnolia trees in full bloom, dropping their petals and some still yet to bloom, most confusing!
    You capture the beginning of Spring so wonderfully, those chubby birds are just gorgeous, and I’m with you on the field of wildflowers.

  2. “March is the month of expectation” – that quote is so true – my gardening fingers are itching to get going but cold northerly winds remind me I need to hold off just a bit longer. I salute the brave flowers who chose to brighten the very start of Spring!

  3. ‘March is the month of expectations’ < I love that, so very true. I have been feeling all hopeful and looking forward to the summer months this week.
    Talking of Summer we need to make a plan, I need to see your local manor first hand and I know only one tour guide! 😉
    Thanks for joining in again lovely x

  4. Lovely photos as usual, you’re so right about March. When the weather is lovely, it’s beautiful! But when it’s bleak, it’s really grim. Oh wait, it’s not just March I’m talking about, it’s the British weather 😉 x

  5. I walked past a fully blooming magnolia this week and had to do a double take and check the date, it is all a bit mad. But I guess that’s the other thing for March though – March Mad Hares, just this year it’s nature 🙂

  6. The bluebells are out near us which is very early but the two magnolia trees I know are still in bud. What a topsy turvy spring! I too am longing for some sun and warmth…..

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