An unusual trio

unusual trio

My son, a dog and a chicken, yes an unusual trio, resting in the sun outdoors at the stables while my daughter has a riding lesson. The chicken has been slowly getting better after being found injured a few weeks before. They think she might have wandered off and been attacked by a fox. While she’s been recovering she often stays close to the dogs at the stables. She also lets my son Theo, who misses his former chicken friend Tea, to stroke her.

29 thoughts on “An unusual trio”

  1. Hi Kriss, that is a lovely photo. At first I thought the chicken was a cat, but you can’t beat a real feather pillow for comfort.


  2. I absolutely adore this photo and it could so easily be a Victorian oil painting. How strange that after being attacked the chicken trusts the dog but then he/she looks old and wise and maybe the chicken senses this. Thank you so much for adding this beautiful photo to #AnimalTales and apologies being so late commenting – I have been so busy this week with the blog revamp.

    1. When the chicken was recovering she was in the office where the dogs sleep and rest during the day. I think she started feeling that she was safe when she was with them.

  3. A boy a dog and a chicken walk into a bar. There’s definitely a joke in there somewhere! What a truly magnificent moment to captureon your memory card. #MySundayPhoto

  4. Oh wow this is just the lost amazing picture, I love the words with it too. Kids loving animals is a big deal for me and this is just lovely.

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