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swn east hampton village nature trail

We went to East Hampton village’s Nature Trail on the official first day of spring.  And the swan song of winter.

Swan and ducks on Nature Trail

raft ducks east hampton nature trailA little sanctuary for wildlife right near Main Street.

nature trail with bridges

Once it was a swamp and wetlands. Then in 1901 part of it became a private Japanese water garden.

scooters east hampton nature trail

And since 1951 the land deeded to East Hampton village. Now 24 acres with 25 bridges for children to roam and wander. Safely.

nature trail signtrail path north fithian lane

We crossed a road that cuts across it and continued along side a small marsh. At the end looping back towards the family of waterfowl at the start of the village nature trail.

nature trail path

buds on branch

My children were strangely quiet as we headed back. It was as if they’d joined me listening and looking at nature silently breathing as it prepared to come back to life once again.

stream village nature trail

But an Erdem goose, known as this wildlife sanctuary’s leader of the pack, began honking loudly.

goose leader pack

ducks flying out water

And the ducks danced and flew up in the air as if they were celebrating with us the spring equinox.

East Hampton Village Nature Trail

The start of this nature preserve is at the end of David’s Lane off East Hampton’s Main Street. The trails cross Hunting Lane and then merge before reaching Fithian Lane. There is a clearing in one section with park benches, otherwise children should keep to the paths to avoid the marshy areas. The paths are also suitable for pushing young children in strollers. With the duck feeding pond, this nature trail is a great place to take younger children for a walk in the Hamptons, Long Island.

A sign at the start of the trail requests that the waterfowl are not fed bread. It recommends instead that you bring nutritional feed such as poultry feed or cracked corn bought from one of the local shops. Other options are uncooked oats, birdseed, rice, chopped grapes or defrosted peas or corn. The sign also explains that the waterfowl have formed one big happy family of which the goose is the leader of the pack! There is room for a few cars to park near the duck feeding area at the start of the East Hampton Village Nature Trail.

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  1. I’ve just written a wonderful book about the East Hampton Village Nature Trail. Beside a marvelous natural setting and the vast wildlife, the old water garden has an interesting and beautiful past. The books name is “Eden of East Hampton” and should be available by June 1, 2015. I highly suggest that all visitors to East Hampton not pass up the opportunity to visit the Nature Trail. However, please follow the rules of the park on the sign that Kriss has posted above. Bicycles and scooters are not allowed on trails because they disrupt the wildlife which often causes them to panic and run, many times into roadways. The same applies to running which is why the nature Trail is posted at all entrances as WALKING TRAILS ONLY. Thanks everyone.

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  3. That does look like a very tranquil place (loud goose aside!) – beautiful photos. Brilliant to see your kids on their scooters too; how funny that we both got the scooters back out this week!

  4. What lovely pictures Kris! It’s hard to believe that this trail is so close to a main street, what a great place to reconnect with nature! #country

    1. It’s lovely that the land was deeded to the village as a nature preserve. Originally most of it was owned by three local families over a century ago.

  5. What a lovely area to roam. Almost feel the stillness in your photo. Trying to imagine it as a Japanese water garden. Must have been spectacular. #CountryKids

  6. Daisy Broomfield

    What amazing pics, love the last one of the ducks in flight. It’s making me want to take our boys to Slimbridge, which is our nearest wetland bird sanctuary. Great to find you via #CountryKids

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