Would you like to watch the sunset?

red skylineWould you like to watch the sunset? I asked my children. School day over. Homework done. They thought I was going to take them into the garden and try to glimpse it through the trees. But I knew a place where they could see the sky blaze.

walking beach bucketA bay with a view to the West. Sprinkled with rocks and shells where the water laps the sand. Bring your buckets, I told them.

rocks shells underwatercollecting shells and rocksshells on stone

A couple of strangers had chosen this new beach too. For a swim. To talk on a phone alone.stranger on the phoneSunset on beach pathswimmerMy children wandered along the shore with joy. I watched them, my heart mimicking the glow of the sun.

sunset beach duneWe paused to watch the sunset.

watch the sunset

Sun setting cloudsThe swimmer quietly passed by. Then my son started running. Swimmer in winter beach at sunsetRunning in front of setting son And I imprinted this memory in my mind. The evening I showed my children the sun slide down through the sky.Barefeet in waterrunning on beach My daughter giggled as she stepped into the chilly water. One moment they were still and then they were off again. It was not easy to persuade them it was time to go back home.

Dragging bucket in moonlight

rocks on the beachAnd like the rocks my son dragged back while the moon began peeking through the clouds, they are my treasures. As we got back in the car I laughed when they asked me when they could watch the sunset again.

I took my twins to Long Beach in Sag Harbour in the Hamptons which is a perfect setting for viewing a sunset. If you want to find out more about it in the daytime and sunshine then I’ve written about it in this post. But this outdoor adventure would be special at any beach when the sun slowly heads down.

50 thoughts on “Would you like to watch the sunset?”

  1. Claire @ Great British Family blog

    Beautiful post and photos and what a lovely way to spend an evening with your children.

  2. Your lovely pictures really brought the atmosphere to life. I would love to sit here watching the sun go down, it looks so serene and peaceful. 🙂

  3. Beautiful memories, well captured moments. They remind me of a book we read with Emma, about a mummy and her girl, going to see the sea at night. Magical!

  4. goodnes me you have taken some beautiful photos here – that sky is glorious. i must take mine to see a sunset next summer as it is a wonderful thing to see. x

  5. What a wonderful post. Your blog is so good at reminding me that there is so much to be enjoyed when we just allow ourselves to escape from the daily grind. I’m not very good at just taking time, I’m always worrying about one more thing to get done, one more chore to be crossed off, but you have inspired me to try harder!

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