Little Dancer – a study in black and white

Little Dancer BW esso sign

I couldn’t hear the traffic passing as my little dancer prepared. Just a sign beckoning cars to stop outside the window. My son, her twin brother, sat silently, his shoulder gently leaning against me. It was as if we three were alone in the dance studio. These are the moments I will remember as a mother. The shyness and quiet anxiety before performing. The stillness and the grace. And watching her dance.Little Dancer BW portraitLittle Dancer BW pianoLittle Dancer BW waitingLittle Dancer BW in dance studioLittle Dancer BW new outfit and shoesLittle Dancer BW swirling

10 thoughts on “Little Dancer – a study in black and white”

  1. These are really amazing shots. I have twin brothers and I see how they always support each other.. no matter what. I think your baby girl will be just fine with his brother always there for her. and I do love your shots.. especially the close up shot of your boy. I love his eyes. ūüôā

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