A dance with Live oaks in Savannah

Live oaks in Savannah with hanging mossWhen it rains in Savannah you can find cover under a majestic umbrella of live oaks and hanging moss. When it’s hot and humid – which is often because of the semi-tropical climate – they offer you a place to rest in shade.

Live oak and hanging moss in a Savannah squareBritish General James Oglethorpe designed Savannah around four open squares when he founded the city in Georgia in 1733. The Oglethorpe Plan was expanded so that by 1851 there were 24 garden squares laid out in a grid pattern. All but two still exist and are the main features of downtown Savannah.

Bagpiper in Savannah garden square

One day I saw a bagpiper filling a garden square with a haunting tune.

Most of the squares are planted with live oaks.  The evergreen oaks remain green and covered with leaves no matter the season.

spanish moss or hanging mossHanging moss seeks the branches of the Southern live oaks.  Flowering plant accessories that wrap and hang from every tree limb.

Candler Oak in Savannah

The Candler Oak (above) is estimated to be 300 years old and one of the oldest living landmarks in Savannah.

Like dancing partners in a ballroom, they line the streets and form canopies and twist their trunks and reach out their hands. oak trees in Savannah streetbranches arching over Savannah street


live oak trunk

Branches in a live oak in Savannah

Forsyth Park in SavannahSo – as well as blooming flowers everywhere – a walk in Savannah is like a languid waltz with live oaks adorned in hanging moss.

12 thoughts on “A dance with Live oaks in Savannah”

  1. Wow, what a fascinating tree and the moss is amazing. I love the shutters on the houses, it look like a really interesting place to visit. #hdygg

  2. Loving that moss hanging – it’s like the trees are crying – so pretty. What an awesome looking place to be able to stroll round. so unlike anywhere I’ve ever been – I love it!
    Thank you for joining in and sharing this x

    1. Not surprisingly Savannah is often listed as one of the most beautiful cities in the US. I do love visiting it now that my Mum’s moved there from London!

  3. Oh my goodness Kriss I have just fallen in love with these, they are just beautiful. There’s something rather enchanting about trees that hang (maybe it’s just me!) – felt the same about our willow tree before it had to be chopped down. If someone could just pop a live oak in the garden, that would be lovely 🙂

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