Mishmash March Flowerings

Suddenly there are sprinkles of colour everywhere…This week I literally have a mishmash of March flowerings from our garden and a neighbour’s.

I always think Crocus look happy – like smiles scattered in the grass. So here are some yellow smiles as well as purple ones peeking out of a garden path.

Yellow crocus

purple crocus on stone path

Somewhere in the last couple of days I saw these wilting pink primroses. I had a wander this morning to see if I could find them again but to no avail.

Pink evening primrose

Snowdrops are everywhere still.


In a little patch of woods I found these three wild daffodils. Looks like some little creature also encountered them and stopped for a quick snack.

Wild Daffodils with nibbled budI’ve snuck in this Hellebore which I spotted in the garden of our new house. Fingers crossed we’ll be moving in next month.

Helleborus Orientalis

The witch hazel and the camellias made it through the recent frost and snow. After I finish this post I’m off for some more cuttings of camellias to brighten up our indoors.

Witch Hazel and Camellia

I also spotted some Anemone blanda, also known as the winter windflower.

Violets and bricks

And finally a flowering quince – there’s something rather elegant about them.

Quince white flowers

According to the meteorogical calendar spring has officially begun in the UK but the spring equinox will be later this month. As far as I’m concerned winter is over and spring is here!

16 thoughts on “Mishmash March Flowerings”

  1. The witch hazel is so unusual and you’ve phographed it so well. We don’t get snowdrops in the south of France so I love seeing everyone’s pictures of them. Otherwise we have most of the same flowers out as you. For me one of the best things about spring is blossom, I do love a flowering tree (and mimosa, which we have plenty of). I do love looking at all these pretty pictures!! #HDYGG

  2. Gorgeous photos. Our camellia has yet to flower, I always feel like Spring has started in our garden when it opens it’s first bloom – although I’ve moved it to the front bed this week so maybe it will have a sulk this year, hope not!

  3. Your photos are gorgeous. Lovely colours and detail. I’ve seen a few daffs that have had a little nibble around here. I wonder which creature is the guilty one!

  4. We have crocus in our garden and you’re right, they are like smiles. It’s nice to see something so bright and cheerful early on in the year. Really like the light in your photos this week.

  5. Lovely photos as ever Kriss – I love the shot looking up to the witch hazel especially. Spring has sprung I think – as far as I’m concerned tufts of opened up daffs mean Spring and I won’t let anyone tell me otherwise!!! Love the colour contrast in the snowdrops photo.
    Are you moving far?

    (Thank you for joining in again m’lady!)

  6. Gorgeous photos, the pops of colour are lovely.
    I didn’t realise that was Hellebore, there’s oodles of those growing on the seafront.
    Good luck on the house move

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