White Deer & Hide and Seek

Earlier this week I stopped the car on a dirt track country lane when I spotted a herd of wild deer grazing in a field including a couple of white Fallow deer. The herd moved back towards a fence when they saw me wielding my camera in their direction as I climbed up a bank by a hedgerow to get a better view.

Hiding behind a slope and their heads peeking up above made them look like they were playing hide and seek.Hide and seek Fallow Deer

A small white deer, which looked like a fawn, was oblivious and kept grazing in the field. The herd took another look at me and off they went into the deep dark woods behind. Suddenly the fawn noticed they were gone and he had been left behind. All alone. Where were they all hiding?

White fawn in front of woods with deer inside

The deer seemed to wait in the trees behind the fawn. If you look closely you can see them there. The white deer and the thick woods looked like a scene out of an enchanted fairy tale. Luckily it had a happy ending when the little white deer caught sight of them and quickly fled into the woods to rejoin them.

I’ve spotted white deer in this same area before. They’re not albino deer – they just have a quirky gene that gives them their pale colouring. White deer are sometimes known as Judas deer because they reveal the presence of a herd. So maybe this herd wanted to leave the little white deer behind?

11 thoughts on “White Deer & Hide and Seek”

  1. I too have seen these very pale deer, although never here in France …. and I had to look really hard to see the rest of the herd in the second shot. No wonder they are sometimes called Judas Deer, poor things.

    Many thanks for adding your lovely pictures to #AnimalTales

  2. Grace says – What a great moment to capture. The little Deer looks very cute and I’m so pleased that he found his family. #animaltales

  3. I love the first photo! You can almost hear their dialogue – “Is it clear yet?” … “I think so” …. “Let’s just wait awhile till were %100 sure!” You always manage to capture the most amazing photos 🙂 #animaltales.

  4. Love the photo of all those heads popping up from behind the slope, especially as so many of them appear to be looking directly at the camera. I can also see the deer hiding in the woods – you did well to capture them so clearly. Fabulous snaps as always x

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