Munn Point boardwalk on Billionaire’s Lane.

Red winged blackbird Munn Point boardwalkThere’s a boardwalk on Munn Point where wild birds find haven. A nature preserve on the bay side of a beach strip known as Billionaire’s Lane.

Munn Point Preserve and Meadow Lane mansionsWhile tycoons land at the helipad at the end of Meadow Lane, migrating birds soar in on their own wings.

Birds flying over house on Shinnecock Bay

bird soaring sky Munn Point

Osprey in sky over Shinnecock BayHouse on Meadow Lane in SouthamptonModern house Meadow Lane

They have no need of 20 to 40 million dollar summer beach houses. Just seven acres by a salt marsh in a tidal creek on the edge of Shinnecock Bay. Great Egret and crane on Meadow LaneGreat Egret Munn Point Meadow Lane

Great Egrets stride through the beach grass while a crane adds new neighbors to this nature preserve.

Munn Point boardwalk SouthamptonThe boardwalk meanders from the road to the bay beach with benches where you can rest. Or my children can run and stop and gaze.

Luce and Theo running on boardwalk

Looking Munn Point boardwalkI often come to Munn Point boardwalk to forget and just be.

A place where you can  watch the migratory shore birds … including endangered Piping Plovers, Least Terns and even Ruddy Turnstone all the way from the Arctic. wading birdsLeast TernRuddy Turnstone

Horseshoe crabs pass me by, these living fossils so similar to those from hundreds of millions of years ago. While clams, mussels and other mollusks nestle in the mud. Horseshoe crab by Munn Pointclams and shells in mud

So much to observe and admire.

Luce and Theo sand

On one side mansions and on the other side the Shinnecock Indian reservation.

Osprey flying by Shinnecock Indian reservation

Here at the Munn Point preserve, the Osprey and its partner stand guard. Ready to swoop and catch fish, like fishermen in the creek’s waters.

Osprey nest pole Munn Point

Fisherman catch Munn Point

silhouette fishermen Osprey nest pole Munn Point

Something about the serenity and beauty of this small preserve keeps drawing me back for short walks and quiet contemplation at all times of the day.

Munn Point Preserve Southampton

Boardwalk and Osprey nest pole on Munn PointThe Munn Point boardwalk is located on Meadow Lane (opposite no 880) in Southampton Village. There is a small parking area but during the summer season you need a parking permit for Southampton Village or Town.

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  1. The boardwalk seems so peaceful and relaxing. You have taken some stunning shots of the birds. Our garden is pretty wasteland but I love to see the birds who visit.

  2. What a truly stunning place, full of wonderful wildlife to admire and yet so tranquil. I am quite envious of all the beautiful places you visit and the wonderful wildlife you see in their natural habitat. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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