Nature is a theatre

Stage lit flowers in woodsOn a recent run  – when I kept stopping to take photos – I caught sight of some wild flowers illuminated by a beam of light through the trees. They reminded me of actors lit up on a stage.  Despite the gloomier weather this summer week of July, I also noticed that the beauty of flowers wasn’t diminished despite the lack of sunshine. Nature just seemed to be a theatre for July’s flowers.

And, yes I run with a camera. I was rather happy to find out Annie from Mammasaurus does the same and has given it a rather good name – photocise.

This month the flowers in my garden have been most excellent actors in this theatre show directed by Mother Nature.

Cream and yellow rosesRoses and brambles in gardenPink bramble flowers in hedgeSt Johns Wort and roses behindLavendar flowers from aboveWhite hydrangea

The birds have also been doing high-wire acts for us around our garden. Every morning when I wake up there’s a noisy chorus line of swallows right outside my bedroom window.Swallows on wire over gardenSwallows on wire and landscape

A kestrel also now puts on a daily show above a field behind our house. I watch from a deck as it patiently sits on a wire and scans the field below it for prey.kestrel on wire

The sparrows play behind scenes in our wild hedge but sometimes land on a pillar in our side garden for a solo act.sparrow on pillar

Roses keep pushing their blooms through our deck railings, like actors peeking through the theatre’s curtains.White rose and plant pot

I’m going to be sad when the roses drop all their petals and leave after their season. But I know they’ll be back and in the meanwhile other flowers will take their place. Blackberries will soon be ready to be picked where once there had been small pink flowers.

“Nature is a theatre: when one great player leaves the scene, another great player immediately enters. The play always continues excellently.” Mehmet Murat ildan (Turkish playwright and novelist)

Pink roses and petals below

18 thoughts on “Nature is a theatre”

  1. Gorgeous photos, I don’t blame you for taking a camera with you on your runs, you really capture the peaceful beauty of nature.

  2. What fantastic shots of the swallows and kestrel. I’ve not seen many swallows this year. I don’t know if this is just me or a trend. I guess they must be disappointed with the weather too!

    1. Thank you. I always think they look like miniature apples too! They’re the berries of a Hypericum inodurum, a type of St John’s Wort plant. We have them in our garden but I’ve also spotted them near the woods close by.

  3. Oh Kriss these photos! So very beautiful, natural beauty can’t be beaten by any showy shop bought bouquet, this is what it’s all about. The light is magical in these, I’ve been chasing the evening light more of late but haven’t managed to get up early enough to try a morning jaunt. Maybe with the Summer holidays coming I might do it finally…
    Such a nice spot where you live, those birds and the kestrel, what a sight to see, must be wonderful for the children too to be growing up there.
    I love it, I love it all.
    Thank you for joining in and sharing these x

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