Siblings – Twins 7 / 15

Luce and Theo are often as thick as thieves. After all they have that special twin bond. Like good friends or close couples who mirror each other, I notice how the same happens with my two. Luce and Theo unconsciously become each other’s echoes.

Luce and Theo leaning on train tableLuce and Theo lying on train seatsLuce and theo playing on stairs of platform

Theo whispering in Luce's earLuce and Theo fooling around on platform

On an outing last weekend to ride a steam engine on the Bluebell Railway, I watched and captured Luce and Theo, partners in crime and play, as they rested, whispered, plotted and giggled together. Young and restless twin allies with a summer of mischievousness and fun ahead.

9 thoughts on “Siblings – Twins 7 / 15”

  1. Oh what a gorgeous set of photos – they’re mirroring each other in so many pictures – it’s lovely to see isn’t it!

  2. They look like they are having so much fun together. It’s great to have a sibling (twin) same age and have that constant best friend with you along life’s great adventures. Lovely post. #siblings

  3. Aaah Kriss — I LOVE, LOVE these pics — so beautiful and atmospheric but most of all I love to see the relationship between your beautiful twins. It makes me feel excited to watch my own babies’ relationship develop in the future. I love the fact you say yours are thick as thieves!! I can see that already in my boys — and they’re only 2 :)#Siblings

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