One frosty morning

One frosty morning sunriseOne frosty morning this week the sun was just beginning to rise over the hill in our valley. All was quiet upstairs but outside everything was stirring. As I focused on the trail into the woods, a deer suddenly came into view. And then it leapt across the field. A pheasant purposefully sauntered across the crispy field in its trail. But was this to be his last walk on a cold February morning? A fox was heading right for him.

Then the light began to shimmer across the valley. But the flowers in our garden were still waiting for the sun to melt the heavy burden of frost across their shoulders. Everywhere the tiny particles of ice created patterns in nature.  One frosty morning field path and deerOne frosty morning leaping deerOne frosty morning pheasantOne frosty morning fox heading for pheasantOne frosty morning fox passes pheasantThe fox passed the pheasant without a pause or a second glance.One frosty morning light behind hedgeOne frosty morning frost on leavesOne frosty morning frost dropping daffodilsOne frosty morning frost on yellow flowersOne frosty morning frost on plantOne frosty morning hyacinth helleboresOne frosty morning snowdropsOne frosty morning winter honeysuckleOne frosty morning sunlight and hydrangeas

Then the sun reached the house and began chasing away the frost from the garden. Now it was time to make sure Luce and Theo had finished breakfast and were ready for me to take them to school.

21 thoughts on “One frosty morning”

  1. This is absolutely beautiful, how wonderful to observe this wild space and see the wildlife pottering about. The fox must have had other concerns fortunately for the pheasant.

  2. What gorgeous frosty scenes perfectly captured. I can’t believed the fox ignored the pheasant, he must have had his fill already!

  3. I can’t believe it, I guessed right on your Sunday photo! I just had an incling they were going to ignore one another! Beautiful photos and what a heavy frost it was, I bet you had numb fingers hanging onto the camera! #AnimalTales

  4. What fabulous pictures Kriss, absolutely stunning. We had frost in the week too (but it’s not the same in our back garden) and our daffs drooped just like that and I thought it was the end of them but they’ve sprung back up again thankfully.

  5. Lucky, lucky pheasant! I do love a crisp frosty morning and these photos are beautiful (as always) Chris!
    Thanks so much for joining in again – lovely lovely LOVELY x

  6. wow!!! look at the nature show you get right outside your door. amazing! Will saw a fox out the window of our new home once but i haven’t seen one yet. so beautiful Kriss

  7. You’ve got some amazing shots there! Well done keeping the camera steady and capturing them! I would have been too excited. I would probably also panic and warn the pheasant: He’s BEHIND YOU! So beautiful.

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